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  1. I think the films and, especially, the movie musicals of the time were to help people escape from the reality of the Depression. The movies were a time, an hour or so, where people could forget their woes and lose themselves in a world where nothing mattered except the "frivolous" things...what man to choose, how pretty flowers are, and so on. I do wonder, though, why it was decided that the character of Anna Held was to be French. Is it because the French were more exotic? Less serious? Less stodgy or looser morals? Was there any hidden meaning to it at all? Am I just over-analyzing? As to wh
  2. I can definitely agree with that, and I hope they continue to improve and grow bringing in new admirers of the stage and screen. I admit, I haven't seen Jesus Christ Superstar yet. I think because it's one of my favorite musicals and I'm afraid it will be ruined for me. I guess I will have to suck it up and give it a go. I do love the freedom and spectacle that televised productions give in terms of costumes, set, transitions, etc. With being able to edit and re-do rough scenes, we are able to witness a smoother production, but it loses the realness of the live performance. I'm still torn on t
  3. I am so glad I am not the only one who hasn't been thrilled with them. I did enjoy Hairspray and hoped they were on to a good thing, but I was underwhelmed with Grease. The Wiz was okay. I get why they choose the big names...to bring in ratings...and I like that they create an admiration for musicals among those who may not necessarily enjoy them, but I do wish they would use better talent for sure.
  4. I don't even know where to start. From my childhood, musicals have always been my "thing". I think among my favorites are: Singing in the Rain, Showboat, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Paint Your Wagon, Sweet Charity, Sweeney Todd, Pippin...and on and on. I enjoy the ones that tackle social issues. As a performer myself, I thrive on making people think without them realizing it because they are so entertained. And, of course, the music. If I hear a song that speaks to me before I've seen the show, I will go see it. By the way...I highly recommend "A New Brain" if you haven't already seen it
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