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  1. 1) The two characters are flirtatious - something approved of during this time (see question 3); there is playfulness about the first scene that is refreshing. They enjoy each other's company, are comfortable with each other - the building of a healthy relationship. This might be something 'different' for the time period, probably not the reality of society as a whole as women weren't seen on the same level as men as of yet. Once again, Hollywood and the media using propaganda to convince us of things (for good or for ill) The code Hollywood imposed on movies was their attempt to dictate moral
  2. 1) I think that Held is more naive than a woman would have been in the 1920s - women understood their power with men - they were working toward and had achieved suffrage. She knew what was going on and would, in reality, have played them off each other much more; something that might have been emphasized more pre-code (question 3). Movies during the Depression were a mode of escape for almost all, so depicting a life that many were not able to live - the money, the prestige, etc - was part of that escape mode and would not have been the reality for the vast majority of the country at the time.
  3. I have to say 'Wizard of Oz' - mostly because my son made me watch it over and over again when he was young (still does once in a while -he's graduating high school on Thursday); and I show the whole movie to my AP US History kids and clips to my regular history kids. But anything with Judy Garland is amazing. And of course anything with Julie Andrews (although I'm a bit soured on Sound of Music since my son wasn't in our school's production of it this year). I am looking forward to this class and learning about some musicals I am not as familiar with.
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