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  1. He is so light on his feet and quick as a bunny! Delightful and when he is on stage all eyes are on him!
  2. Ruby looks off balance when she dances... I call it "falling forward" dancing. Interesting about the buck dancing. She was an appealing little thing with her big doe eyes!
  3. 1. I love this scene! The moonlight, the water, the breezes blowing, and a young beautiful couple trying to figure things out. The setting is slowly getting their blood boiling! There is humor, a beautiful song, interesting expressions on both parties... I guess the thing that surprised me the most is the humor... good old Eddy seems like such a nice dude and yet his love song works for many names/women... Jeanette is pretty pleased that he is such a good singer...she is beginning to see that this guy has possibilities. 2. 3. The usual trope: good man gets the good virtuous women. The refreshing thing is that he sees her in a very vulnerable situation and his heart goes out to her...he respects her for trying something so outside her scope. And, of course, she is even more humiliated when she sees Eddy watching her in her time of embarrassment. You know they've got to have a scene where things work out better for these two lovers! Quite the startling dance from the other "dolly"! Holy cow..where were the code enforcers that day???
  4. American in Paris is probably a show that continues to fascinate me. I seem to love it more each time I see it. Also, love anything with Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly, all the fine lady dancers, big complicated dance numbers, sweet tender love songs... "If I Loved You", wow!! It will be so awesome to learn more about this fascinating subject. When I was in high school our chorus sang songs from South Pacific...I sort of sob through the whole thing now. ?
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