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  1. 1. From the beginning of the scene where she is confronting him with another garter, it is a reference to his womanizing tendencies. As the woman walks over to ask him to zip up her dress.... as he helps the man who shot him....when he picks the garter back up and is speaking to the ambassador, we are once again reminded of his charm. I was struck by how easy it was for the wife to request help with her dress from the man in the room she knew could fix it. 2. The pop of the gun is the sound that stands out the most. It sounds like a popping balloon. If you look closely you can see the ai
  2. 1. The shift of power is the most obvious. Rose Marie is in control and has confidence in the boat when she's putting him in his place after swapping out different girls' names in the song. In the saloon, she has lost her confidence and is completely out of her element. She is humiliated to know someone she is familiar with has witnessed such a performance. 2. I actually never really got into the Eddy/MacDonald films so I can't comment to this. 3. It's interesting to see them alone in a boat together and that being acceptable. I suppose I think of that era in more "proper/improper"
  3. 1. Yes, the use of comedy throughout the clip (the doorman, the competitive glances between Ziegfeld and Billings, Held's back and forth over the pretty flowers) depicts a carefree life in what we know to be a turbulent society at that time. 2. I think what was mentioned in the Daily Dose summary is more of what we would see in other musicals including the friendly competition over a pretty starlet. The familiar comedic relief of a bumbling doorman or other small role also springs to mind. 3. After listening to the lecture and reading the summary I would expect to see more skin and
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