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  1. As in what I said about "Born to Dance" - can I have that time back minus two of Powell's dance numbers. Not sure why it bothers me so much - but it was not what I thought I had missed for so many years and now I know why I did!
  2. Wow - I could not disagree more with most of the comments. Ruby Keeler, at least from this specific clip which I think she is most famous for, is at most what is called a "hoofer"! No grace, no style, just plodding out steps that we learned in dance school to 3rd grader-age kids. I had not seen it for a while and I was astounded that she was hired for the part and would have been lucky even in the context of the movie's plot to get that part. Eleanor Powell might not be able to sing enough for them to dub in another voice but did you consider Keeler's voice good enough? Powell is a DANCER
  3. Goofy or not - typical musical plot or whatever - "Top Hat" is leaps and bounds over "Born to Dance". I like Eleanor Powell - she is an amazing tap dancer. I love Jimmy Stewart - a great actor. But they don't "sell me" in that endeavor and there is never a doubt that you believe that Fred and Ginger just HAVE to be together! Love just about everything in this particular clip - including that Ginger can dance and NOT in heels too!!
  4. I am continually floored by how "NATURAL" Nelson Eddy is - When I was a newcomer to watching anything of this ilk, I assumed he was a "eyeliner" guy who was soft-soapy and pathetic! Boy was I in for a shock. He is humorous, convincing, entertaining and of course, can sing! I thoroughly enjoyed "Rose Marie" and have learned to enjoy other of their films, like "Maytime" and "Naughty Marietta" among others. MacDonald is also quite good and her voice at that octave an accomplishment. So overall, I learned a short time ago how these ARE a valuable part of the history of the "musical" - Canadia
  5. Believe me, I have watched a TON of films from that era - and while I did appreciate Eleanor Powell's dancing in the last scenes and Buddy Ebsen throughout - it was just such a disappointment to me since I saw it was available to watch SO many times and I felt I had missed out each time I did not get to see it. Now at least I got that out of the way! But I do appreciate your comments.
  6. Am I missing that this is a parody of 1930's/1940's musicals when it was PRODUCED at that time? I appreciate the goofiness of it but the singing is horrid and the acting (even from one of my favorites of all time, Jimmy Stewart) is marginal. I might want to rescind this at a later date but never have I felt so strongly that most of those 2 hours viewing it were 90% wasted!
  7. A little late to the table here but probably my most watched has been "The Wizard of Oz" and always seem to watch it in full or part. Must have seen it 50+ times. My other favorites are "My Fair Lady", "West Side Story", "Robin and the 7 Hoods", "Carousel", and most of the Astaire/Rogers films.
  8. WHERE or HOW was I watching this clip??? I read the syllabus - read the instructions - don't find where I am supposed to go to engage in this exercise (not on a mobile device!).
  9. I am doing this course solely on a laptop. How do I access to get those "streaming" clips? I am usually pretty tech savvy and adequately intelligent but I am starting to feel like a bit of a dunce! Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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