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  1. 1. Minnelli films this scene with the utmost intimacy and devotion. He uses closeups with the camera between Petunia at Joe's bedside and Joe's fluttering eyelids when he hears the sound of her voice. We also see the Angel nodding in agreement of Petunia's thankfulness to God and to singing of her undying love. She is filled with joy at his recovery and is excited and exuberant in taking care of Joe and the household chores. She feels she has been given a second chance to make him happy and comfortable. 2. I think if she was singing to her child instead of her husband the scene would be shot very similarly. Maybe she would be hugging the child more with tears streaming down her face and picking the child up while she sang and rejoiced in God's name. 3. I am glad to know about this movie and the wonderfully talented African American actors and performers of the era shown in an uplifting, devotional and patriotic film. This film brings unity and respect to these people who were also sacrificing their lives for their country during post war America.
  2. 1. Wizard of Oz was of course my first and one of my top 5 Favorite Judy Garland movies: 1. Meet Me In St. Louis 2. Wizard of Oz 3. The Harvey Girls 4. The Pirate 5. The Clock I loved the way she started out an innocent, sweet farm girl, that could also stand up for her self during the Mrs. Gulch/Toto confrontational scene. She showed a range of typical teenage emotions which developed into a young woman's concerns during her travels to Oz and back home again. Judy also showed her enormous talent and confidence expertly performing along side the top Vaudevillian seasoned performers of the day with out a hitch! 2. I have seen many of her movies over and over again. What I do find interesting is how unique she really was for a performer in that time period. She was more then a triple threat: singer, dancer, actor, and comedienne! She was a confident and strong performer who started out so young on the stage and anyone who had a chance to work with her knew how professional and talented she was! I also feel very sad for the emotional and physical demands she went through later on in life that made her unhappy and ended her life to soon. 3. I think Meet Me In St. Louis first showed us her range of adult Judy emotions ( excitement, apprehension, sadness, despair and joy all in one year!) acting skills and of course vocal storytelling ability. Everything about this movie is perfect and charming! The sets, costumes, the actors and of course the musical performances are engaging and inspiring to one and all. One thing I love from watching these older films and musicals is they are a "window" to the American way of life back in that era. It certainly has helped me relate to my parents and their musical roots watching and discussing these films and knowing about their life back in the day! I try to point out these historical, musical, and cultural tidbits when watching these gems with my children or my music students.
  3. 1. This first scene promotes patriotism as the viewer climbs up the staircase with Cohan and the butler while observing all the president's portraits hanging on the wall. The viewer gets to listen to the men's conversation ,as they discuss the patriotic performances of the past with Cohan and his family. Next inside the President's office, Cohan has a flag pin on his lapel, an American flag in the back corner is seen, and we hear patriotic marches played as background music while F.D.R. and Cohan also reminisce about past American parades and patriotic shows. 2. F.D.R. states to Cohan "There was a time you knew all the answers", and Cohan humbly replies " Yes, there was a time I did, but wish I did now", F.D.R. replies "yes, so do I". The President sees Cohan as not only physically similar to his appearance, but that they are both very similar in thinking, habits and American values. 3. I think the present day scene when Cohan and F.D.R. are older, foreshadows that a successful and satisfying career was had by both men. This shows that their lives intertwined through out the decades and helps the movie bring an upbeat, American pride type feeling to begin the story line.. Movie goers in the early 40's had limited exposure to news and happenings and might not have been aware of the many experiences the men had gone through to make them where they are today in their careers and lives.
  4. While watching this clip, I gained some insight to the Lubitsch touch and the foreshadowing of what is to come from this entertaining and sexually charged film. He suggestively uses the garters in a close up numerous times , which is very Pre Code . This is not only evidence of Maurice's philandering, but of the woman's strong sexuality, and attractiveness as we are allowed to view these items AND her upper thighs with in the first three minutes of the scene! I feel these Depression-Era films will certainly transfer the average person to a world where the privileged classes enjoy their privileges..What better way to be transformed for two hours by watching good looking well to do men and women drinking, dancing and romping around?
  5. 1. I think both actors are displaying very appropriate behavior traits for this time period of the Film Code era. They are being polite, coy and slightly flirtatious in their speech and mannerisms. While sitting in the canoe, MacDonald can't even look Eddy in the eye for too long, so she will not give him the impression of being TOO ATTENTIVE and INTERESTED in him! 2. I have never seen any of the MacDonald-Eddy movies before, although I knew of their popularity on the screen as a couple and of their impressive vocal talents. 3. These clips demonstrate to me that the man will always have the upper hand in relationships with the woman. The man will expect the woman to follow his suggestions pertaining to where the romance may be headed or even how to win over the crowds with a vocal performance. I understood that Jeanette's singing was not "peppy" enough for the saloon crowd, but was annoyed that the piano payer did not give her any compliments on her vocal abilities! She clearly is over talented for that audience and the pianist couldn't even realize it! He was more concerned with her trying to move her hips and to sing the song like a floozy! Sad that she was so defeated and embarrassed, but at least Nelson felt sympathy for her which led to him following after her to hopefully make her feel better.
  6. 1. I agree that the movies were transporting the viewers from the hard ships of the times, to a much happier, whimsical reality. Who wouldn't want to forget their troubles and "Come on Get Happy"? 2. I think the women were always viewed as a pretty accessory on a gentleman's arm and not given much consideration accept to be attractive, entertaining and amusing. People in films at this time were not expected to show their truest, deepest feelings, and that everything would turn OK in the end for everybody. 3. I think in a Pre-code version, Held's costumes would be more suggestive and skimpier, and her dialogue would be more flirtatious and self serving to her career. The men would have been more aggressive in their competition for her verbally and maybe even physically.
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