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  1. 1 - I think this clip is quiet, I'd say it's expressive because she shows her emotions here. 2 - Shariff's character behold closely Barbra's when she starts to sing, ao it goes to the end of the clip. 3 - The camera foccus on Barbra in a certain time and then revolves turn around her in the stairs.
  2. 1 - Both of movies it's a woman who's manipulated by a bad and selfish man, there's a shadow and light contrasting in both of scenes of tension, like this one. 2 - Eliza is frustated and fed up by the Higgins's selfishness, what stands out here and impressed it's Eliza's shout, we see she's very disturbed here, meanwhile, Higgins behaves hypocritically cold to her, doesn't mind to her feelings. 3 - Cukor made a very tense scene here, one side is despair(Eliza) and the other side is coldness of Higgins, he made the same thing in Gaslight, when Gregory(Charles Boyes) is attempting to c
  3. 1 - What I mainly see that in older movies they're "alpha male men", over the years, they could experiment another performances like this second clip and proving their versalities. 2 - What I mainly see here that proves his versality, both are very different clips and he performed that very well, I didn't know this Robert's side. 3 - Yes, I saw This Gun For Hire, when he does Veronica Lake's boyfriend, that's what I remember, but what I must say in these movies he seems so quiet man and another he plays the man who gets the girl or the leading man and see his musicals, we see another
  4. 1 - Because like everyone said here, it's elements of "behing the scenes". 2 - Mama Rose just tell she going to do in this movie, with her fussy entrance and I must tell this is the first Roz's movies I've ever seen and I loved her at this right time, today she's one of my favorite actresses. 3 - With Baby June, that's a little girl, singing, the song became inocent, but there's another point when Gypsy sings the same song on her performance, it seems provocative.
  5. 1 - I can't answer because I don't see An American in Paris yet, so I need to have a opinion about it. 2 - What I see in this scene, he was just tell off the lady who's criticizing his work, that's why he's so angry.
  6. 1 - When the professor declaims the verse, Donald's character does a funny faces joking with his manner of talking, next when Don repeats the verse, he and Donald's declaim together and make movements with their hands imitating professor and they represent the verse singing. 2 - The professor is theatrical to his job and speaks a formal way. 3 - The professor is so formal even the way he speaks, Donald's makes a comical presence "imitating the verses" and Don is the good looking guy.
  7. 1 - She acts, like everyone will say, in "different way" that woman in that time was usually portrayed, but something here that annoys me, it's put masculinity in a woman as a form of "equality", that's to me, it's not true. 2 - I think Doris is versatile in any way, after this film, she will make some dramatic movies that she performs very well, before this movie she did Storm Warning with Ginger Rogers, she gives a dramatic performance and that's my favorite movie of her. 3 - Any movie Doris is in, she brings a sunny persona, even it's bad.
  8. 1 - They interact to each other, there's no usual step dances like we used to know. 2 - They're well dressed, the three guys wears suits and the lady is very elegant with a lovely dress, in certain way, they're very elegante here. 3 - Further sing, they kind of do a comedy performance in a part of clip and they're really enjoy the time and happiness in the clip.
  9. 1 - She thanks to god for save Little Joe, when she's so happy, she sings to him a song whose represents all her love for him. 2 - It'll be same thing as a love for a man or child, in my point of view, there's a devotion in both way. 3 - In that era, it was no common have black actors as leading man or lady in the movies, so I think this film was advance, and about WWII, they're voluntered in the services.
  10. 1 - Betty's character has a crush on Sinatra's, so shows her enthusiam on him and he attempts dodge her, he offers his ball baseball to her and she throws it up, I notice as well that her crush on him makes a good choreography and he runs away from her, that makes the clip such a so outstanding. 2 - When there's a situation of enthusiasm, like this clip, we know it will plays a song, when she next attempts convince him that she and him are made for "each other".
  11. 1 - The Wizard of Oz, but I knew Judy before watching the movie, I knew she was a talented girl and one day I was dreaming she was a ballerina(very funny, I know), so I watch this film to know her once more, today I love her greatly. 2 - In my point of view, in first clip beyond sing and dance, Judy makes a comic performance along with Fred, we see they're costumes with grease and all, in the second clip, she just dances and sings with Gene Kelly. 3 - I love when she sings Get Happy in Summer Stock.
  12. 1 - Many examples, when Cohen rises staircase, we see many paintings of former presidents, the pride of them to rise their flags on 4th of July. 2 - When FDR talks to Cohen about how he admires Irish Americans(like Cohen) rises their flags, it's a form of patriotism, Cohen said people was waiting people passes and rise their flangs on 4th of July Parade. 3 - I prefer in Oval Office, because gives a notion to who's watching the movie Cohen was very important to US, to the form the president talks to him.
  13. 1 - The only battle of sexes I see in this scene, like you said, it's the fact she follows him in his dance and the rhythm that's going on move of dance. 2 - Here the script is more dinamic and funny, there's no dramatic situation here, it's like the Screwball Comedies in at the era, it's a funny situation, but musical. 3 - At this time, women have worked to help in house, this influenced to put in the films and they(women) got more independent.
  14. 1 - Lubistch was a very criative director, he uses the craziest tricks in scenes of this movie, the simulation of a murder, exagerated performances, this we see in a silent movie and he set in this scene. 2 - Stands out the fact they speak french in one time, I add also the french accent mixed with english. 3 - Delightful movies, whose people watch to forget issues they spend at the time.
  15. 1 - In the first scene we can see his interests on her, he wanted to woo her by means of serenade her and she blow him off, there's a certain indiference. And in the second scene, she is very embaressed to sing in salloon and he observes her and I think she was more embaressed in that moment he's looking, in two scenes I see a interest in both of parts, in different scenes. 2 - I've never seen anything with Nelson Eddy yet(who knows someday), but I see a movie with Jeanette with Maurice Chevalier and Myrna Loy, I think it's Love Me Tonight, the name. 3 - There's a steryotipe of men f
  16. 1 - I agree, the own Musicals presents joyfull songs with a certain inocence, just like in this clip, that make people forget their troubles. 2 - Like I said, friendly songs. 3 - Well, I think it would be a pre-code, they will put daring subjects in the movie, like that: the Anna's number would be a thing like daring and sexy and the Ziegfeld's request would be a double meaning.
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