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  1. I guess my question is still unanswered though: if all the other channels are also getting money from the system that pays them, they why is TCM one of the only channels without commercials? Why does TCM choose not to have commercials? I'd like to believe its for their good taste but as we know, corporations generally do not make decisions on 'good taste' if its not backed by profits. I wonder how much profit is made by a station such as TCM that has no commercials. Maybe the channel is just some vehicle for making money off owning or distributing the films?
  2. A friend and I were having a discussion about this and I'm sure someone could help us out: How does TCM, or (more generally maybe) Turner TV channels, work financially?---while most continuous-movie channels show commercials, at least in between the movies, TCM doesn't. How do they sustain the network without commercials? And could the other cable channels support their network without commercials? Most of the premium, pay-extra channels (i.e., HBO) don't show commercials either... since TCM is not a premium channel, I wonder what a HBO channel might have in common with TCM... Do
  3. My top Audrey picks: Breakfast at Tiffany's (commentary on the hipster/socialite crowd and the sad emptiness of that life. Its also a story of romance) Roman Holiday (a predictable but classically beautiful black and white that echoes the prince and the pauper. Great classic scenes of her in rome) My Fair Lady (a lavish musical-- audrey is gorgeous) Charade (suspenseful thriller)
  4. Most skeezy, unromantic couples: Audrey Hepburn with all those old guys that could practically be her father (ie: Sabrina, Funnyface, Charade, My Fair Lady....) She needed more co-stars her own age (i.e., Breakfast with Tiffany's).
  5. Wow... this is an insane coincidence, but I was just about to post something about the weekend host Ben and how much he sucks when this post caught my eye! Yeah he needs to get the axe from the program. His commentaries suck... I just saw him describe "Imitation of Life" as just a movie about the hardships a black and white women have with their teenage daughters.... ....uhhhh yeah Ben, and its also a movie with an explicit racial messages, remaining one of the most contreversial classic movies depicting race, and in particular, the racial identity of a light-skinned African-American, t
  6. m: james dean marlon brando errol flinn cary grant f: audrey hepburn grace kelly natalie wood rita hayworth dorothy dandridge
  7. cary grant marlon brando stars that died young (ie. natalie wood, james dean,etc) 50s and 60s female beauties (audrey hepburn, grace kelly, etc) the barrymores
  8. I love lists too! My Top Ten at this moment in time: 1. A Hard Day's Night (The Beatles in an way underrated art film) 2. Rebecca (Hitchcockian twists at its best) 3. On the Waterfront (nothing better than a young brando) 4. Penny Seranade (get the kleenex ready for the bittersweet-- not too sappy) 5. Notorious (Suspense at its best) 6. Vertigo (One of the wierdest tales of obsession-- beautifully shot) 7. Midnight Cowboy (underrated! naive, sad, quarky.best Dustin Hoffman ever 8. Five Easy Pieces (hailed the first Sundance film-- made in the early 70s) 9. East of Eden (James
  9. Hi, this is the original question poster... I'm just posting from a new account (I had to change the other one). Thank you so much!!! I've been searching for that movie for the past, at least, 5 years. You're the greatest! PS: How do you feel about that movie? Do you like it?
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