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  1. Is this TCM or DTV issue? I like to schedule recordings. With the "TBA" showing I don't know if the time slots I schedule to record will be the actual movies indicated in the TCM monthly schedule that I view from this web site. I hope this is making sense. It just started in the past couple of weeks. Today I got my hardware replaced by DTV and I had hoped this would be one of many problems solved. Apparently there is something else going on.
  2. I'm curious - how are you viewing TCM content that has to be paid for other than of course your cable or satellite provider I mean. I have Direct TV and was watching a movie Sunday evening and it froze up and never did see the end of it. Phone Call from a Stranger was the name of the movie. It is not on TCM Watch which I sometimes have used on my laptop but there is no cost associated. I think I just had to give the name of my cable provider. I'd like to cut the cord altogether and get rid of ATT Direct TV but I need my movies. I see lots of post about TCM Watch truncating movies so maybe t
  3. We were watching Phone Call from a Stranger last night - we have Direct TV. The movie had already started and we had set the recorder so we were watching from the DVR while the film was playing on the TCM channel (I hope this makes sense.) About 90 minutes into the film it just froze... we then went to the TCM channel thinking we could just continue watching but the screen just went black. Back to the DVR where it was just frozen. We could rewind a few minutes but as soon as it got to that spot on the film it froze. Any idea what happened there? Was a good movie and it is not on TCM Watch tha
  4. For anyone interested in exploring more of the history of African Americans in film, here is a list from the New York Times this year during Black History Month: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/02/01/movies/28-essential-films-black-history-month.html
  5. If you log on to the course at learn.Canvas.net go to Modules on the left-hand and you will see Film Viewing Recommendations listed under Resources
  6. Watched Wizard of Oz for what must be the 50th time in my life (not complaining). Today watched Born to Dance, 42nd Street and Footlight Parade. Hallelujah is on my list as well. For next week it will be the recommended films. I've never seen (or even heard of) Cabin in the Sky so looking forward to that.
  7. Have always loved Busby Berkeley. Watching Footlight Parade and 42nd Street today was a real treat and a great way to pass a rainy afternoon. Found this interesting article that I thought I'd share: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2017/mar/23/busby-berkeley-dance-42nd-street-choreography-film-musicals And this web site : http://pre-code.com/pre-code-follies-footlight-parade-1933/
  8. Sorry - I should clarify - it is "A Quiz is Born" that I am not able to complete. Not the 1st week's quiz. Haven't tried that one yet.
  9. I am still not able to complete this quiz. I tried earlier this week. I can't get past the second question. It is presented but before I can answer the page goes back to the syllabus page. I commented on a different thread earlier this week reporting the same issue. I've tried in Chrome and in IE. Doesn't look like I'll be able to complete this.
  10. This disussion topic brought to mind the old saying that Ginger Rogers did everything Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. The clip illustrates that here is one female who intends to be regarded as an equal. Very different from some female characters in other films this week. One reason that the depiction of the roles of men and women changed from earlier musicals of the 30s is because in society roles were in fact changing. As a result of the Great Depression, women began entering the work force. While that was not looked upon as a positive, it was nevertheless a major chang
  11. Maybe it's because I've never been a particular fan of JM or NE nor of the operetta musical genre in general, but I'm having a difficult time forming any opinions in response to the discussions questions posed. That or else I am not viewing/thinking critically enough.
  12. I can't move beyond the first question... it flips back to the syllabus page. I'm using Chrome as my browser on a laptop
  13. Thanks for opening an interesting topic. I had always thought that the term "race films" or "race movie" like "race music" was a construction of critics or scholars who were studying these art forms from a historical perspective. But I learned that is not the case. Here's an interesting article that helped fill in some detail for me. http://dhbasecamp.humanities.ucla.edu/afamfilm/whatis/definition/ I've read that movies marketed to Asians in that period of time- after WW1 through the '40s were referred to as race films (The Silk Bouquet" 1926 for one). Don't think the phrase
  14. The clip certainly depicts a brighter perspective of life than that which the audience likely experienced day-to-day. Pretty sure that even average show biz folks didn't enjoy the affluence that Ziegfeld is portrayed to have in the clip. Kind of ironic that he ended up losing most of his money in the stock market crash. As for themes that might be anticipated - hard to form an opinion based on this clip alone, but the cadence of the dialog - banter if you will- stikes me as somewhat common not just in musicals of the era but films of that period in general. Had this been made
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