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  1. 1. It shows the typical women of that time and ongoing, who takes care of the home and her husband. She stands by her man with all of his faults. 2. words of unconditional love of course, similar words and sentiment. 3. it is amazing to see an all black film for that time. I never heard of it nor saw it. shows how it was still an issue in later part of 20th century. should be shown today as a Fathum Event.
  2. Ginger can certainly lead the dance and "one up" Fred from time to time. She and women in general are comfortable in their own skin. An emerging independence is present for sure as starting in these types of musicals. The code is evident here in that the flirtations are done in dance. It is also pure escape for those burdened by the effects of the depression.
  3. 1. I agree with P above in that the movies were at that time especially, for all to escape. To escape from the depression. Of course such musicals uplifted those in near or actual despair.--if you could afford even the few pennies for such a viewing. 2. Themes of "making it big," and "girl meets boy," are prevalent in early musicals. In addition, elaborate costumes and sets, with great music over story (this reverses later). 3. Pre code: use of animals in films; more revealing costumes perhaps. The undressing by the maid--not as revealing.
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