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  1. The references to the womanizing "the touch" through clothing, use of French is just part of the director's specialty in giving the audience understanding of the characters personalities. Making fun of the wealthy, Infidelity, Treatment of woman, the man getting a lesson for his frivolous relationship. the noises such as the door rattling, gun popping, music gives more information. Part of what we have been discussing: why musicals had such an impact during the depression years.
  2. Triplets from Band Wagon...not cute. Fabray is sweet but Fred looks silly. The song costumes and "choreography" is childish. Still up there on my top musical list. Like a record not all are hits.
  3. I knew each film and rec. 100%. Take heart I am older and most of the movies I watch are musicals and have seen them many, many times. Too bad my memory is failing couldn't name all the actors. Never took an online course so its been a fun experience so far.
  4. I agree with most o the members on questions 1 nd 2...to escape the condition our country and how people had to live or not finding a job. The overall sadness (Depression) that existed was forgotton for that special time watching the musicals at the time. Sadly, I don't find much newer movies now that can break that feeling other than a musical from the era we are investigating. #3 Yes more full body shots, sheer materials, and less implied sexual situations.
  5. I always have trouble picking my favorite anything. Whats my favorite color I love them all. Love 42nd street- used to tap, Seven Brides for 7 Brothers...even though it was created on/in the studio. Any Fred Astaire movie. More and all or the dancing.
  6. Very exciting. My devices are having issues so I hope it doesn't affect my experience.
  7. You never missed his massive presence.
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