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  1. This scene was so much fun--I loved the emphasis the props brought to the rakish nature of the character. The gun for example--when you see him put her gun in a drawer filled with little guns you know that Maurice Chevalier's character has done this many, many times before. And then when he zips up his lover's zipper and says 'voila'--you learn so much about him. He is so casual and familiar with the situation. Instead of showing the argument at the beginning, the audience hears it through the doors, forcing you to feel that you are eavesdropping. This becomes even more pronounced when the fourth wall is broken, and you feel like a voyeur. This is so interesting--a way of getting the scandal of the situation across without really saying anything. I think a lot of code-era musicals still have hints of naughtiness, but they are much more discreet, and what is said has to be gently implied rather than stated outright. Also, there has to be consequences for this kind of infidelity--nobody gets to just get away with it. Alfred is recalled to his fictional country, and his lover is caught by her jealous husband.
  2. I think the thing that makes musicals so great for me is the fantasy of them. A musical is real life but better, more interesting, with great melodies. They are like comfort food, as addictive as a tub of popcorn and less likely to make you sick. Some of my favorites are the classics: Singin' in the Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kiss Me Kate, and Silk Stockings, but I like some of the newer musicals too. I like backstage musicals and what they say about entertainment in America from Broadway to Hollywood. Musicals have a way of transporting you to another time and place, and I find that I'm always ready for the trip.
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