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  1. The scene was composed so perfectly and precisely with props and intonations, translation of the dialogue was not needed. So adept were the visuals and cadence of conversation, Chevalier's aside to the audience seemed unnecessary. I am not a fan of breaking character unless the practice is intrinsic to plot.
  2. All I ever knew of these two was their famous duet: "When I'm calling You (oooh hoo hoo, oooh hoo hoo)" and was so turned off I avoided all of their cinematic collaborations. These clips were great. They truly exemplified your point about JM and NE being so much more than stiff operatic purveyors. Their jousting repartee in the first scene was well written nascent love-making. Incorporating character developing dialogue, believably delivered, into the performance disarmed what might otherwise have played as a forced, absurd serenade. In the second clip, the "regular" is JM's comic
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