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  1. Same (though Maybe not outright aced. Heh.) Very glad to know I'm not alone.
  2. Going on the criteria of "Movie Musicals I have watched more times than might be considered sane," I would have to go with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I used to be one of those kooks who went every Saturday night back when I was in college, knew all the audience participation lines, and all that jazz. I can't necessarily say it had a lot to do with the movie actually being all that good (Tim Curry's performance as Frank and the soundtrack not withstanding.) It had so much more to do with the community of weirdos that came together over it, as well as the active role the audience gets to take in the viewing of the film. In terms of movie musicals that are near and dear to my heart, I've always had a great fondness for Funny Face. It might be the glamorous setting, the absolutely gorgeous costumes, or just Fred being Fred, but I'll drop whatever I'm doing if I come across it.
  3. I honestly thought the recent Jesus Christ Superstar has been the best of the bunch so far, for exactly that reason. Yes there was a bit of stunt casting going on (Oh, Alice...), but a lot of the lead/featured roles were played by people with a fair amount of stage experience (Brandon Victor Dixon, Sara Bareilles, Norm Lewis). I think that, along with the clever staging, set, and camera work really made it stand out, and made me kind of hopeful for the whole televised live musical thing going forward.
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