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  1. I thought I noticed a whole musical number I hadn’t seen before! I’m glad to know I wasn’t brain dead the last time I saw it!
  2. There is a list of additional readings under the resource tab.
  3. Yes! It is usually a different one everyday. Today it is I Think You Think from Beach Blanket Bingo!
  4. I was able to take the quiz, but the pictures did not populate. It did require me to sign in to see the results which worked fine. I was then able to retake the quiz, and that time the pictures were there.
  5. I agree, I think “Secret Love” is one of the best songs she ever sang. According to her charity website, this is one of her favorite movies to have been in.
  6. 1. The character of Calamity Jane starts out very differently from the usual 50’s female role. She dresses , talks and acts like a man. In the middle of the movie she starts to wear more feminine outfits and in the ball scene has her dance card filled as a result. 2. Doris Day also started out as a tomboy in On Moonlight Bay. So her acting did progress throughout her career as she took on more sophisticated roles. 3. This is one of my favorite Doris Day movies and her sunny persona definitely took the character where this movie wanted her to go. I don’t believe that this movie comes
  7. The Knuckle Down Winsocki song from Best Foot Forward plays in my head all of the time and I do sing along with it whenever it comes up on my iPod!
  8. They must have done it the same way when Esther Williams swam with them.
  9. That is a wonderful list, I am amazed that I have not seen even one of them!!!
  10. I just googled the topic of Fred Astaire’s dance partners and several men showed up on the list like Hermes Pan and George Murphy.
  11. It’s funny that I was just watching the PBS special for the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Rogers and saw that clip with Margaret Hamilton just this week. I don’t remember ever seeing it before, it must have happened after I stopped watching Mr. Rogers.
  12. This is going to be a weird answer, but I loved watching him dance with Jane Powell in Royal Wedding, and Petula Clark in Finian’s Rainbow.
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