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  1. In addition to the attraction/revulsion of the two people, the second scene (and the first to a limited extent) illustrates a bit of a class distinction between Eddy's entrance into the saloon while acting familiar with all the rough and seedy characters, and McDonald's distancing herself from all the distasteful characters in the saloon, She takes a long time until she starts to be comfortable dancing and singing, and when she dips her toe in their milieu--she sees Edd's character. That starts the discomfort and revulsion again. The depiction of the pure innocent woman is obvious part o
  2. This clip indeed presents a lighter side of things, especially in the 5 pound tip given to the doorman. That amount would be worth nearly 500 dollars in today's money. As far as what I might anticipate in other musicals, it appears the filming of musicals changed from the perspective of the audience to one that included close-ups of the singers, as well as the singer's perspective into the audience. Because the film is post-code, the only thing the actress takes off in her dressing room is her hat.
  3. Cabaret is the musical I always watch if I stumble upon it channel surfing. I believe it is mostly because of Bob Fosse's direction, decisions he makes to immerse me in the story while still allowing me to step back to see the skill with which it is directed, edited, and acted. Plus there's Liza Minnelli, Hollywood musical royalty from both parents. She is perfection!
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