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  1. The tone of this film is very light compared to the realities of that era. Also, I found her costume to be unrealistic as if it were true to life at that time, it would be a more scantily clad number. Held would also be portrayed more as a vixen than an innocent wide eyed girl and Ziegfeld would have been portrayed as a man who’s intentions were (probably) less than honorable. I assume that the light bright fluffy feel of the movies were to transport everyone from the reality of the day to day unpleasantness that they lived. It became a form of escape and the code made sure it didn’t offend those people with more puritanical senses. Her dress covering the amount it did and not even showing her dress being unzipped shows that the code overcompensated for what they considered risqué at that time. In an effort to “correct” what they saw as an issue, they took out the realness of the film.
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