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  1. Did anyone have trouble downloading the week 4 badge? I took the quiz and finished everything then tried to download it and nothing. I have the other three. Don't even know what it looked like! That was the only problem I had and now I tried to go to Canvas to get it and the whole course was gone. I would at least like to know what it looked like.
  2. I totally forgot about the animated musicals! My favorites are the Beauty and The Beast and Fantasia. Loved watching Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, thanks for posting that.Love some of the Christmas ones also. A favorite Christmas one is Rudolph with the little elf who wanted to be a dentist!
  3. I really enjoyed this week's podcast. When I saw the length I thought "oh, no!" but it was interesting and very informational. I had never heard the explanation on using "blackface" scenes before. Whenever I watch Holiday Inn, I think why didn't they just bring in some black performers for that holiday to celebrate Mr. Lincoln and the emancipation. Anyway, I think the 40's have my favorite musicals, too, Richard. One side note for me is that until I caught some Red Skelton films in the last 5 years on TCM, I always thought he was mainly a comedian who had maybe started in Vaudeville but had no
  4. I didn't read all messages but did anyone notice in FDR's office. The paintings and a model in a glass holder were all some kind of ships. I couldn't tell what the paintings on the wall up the stairs were but people mentioned that they were of former Presidents so I will look for that when I watch this week. I liked the patriotic parade clip in the beginning when I watched the Daily Dose for the reasons other said. I think it helps set up the rest of the film and comes round to the end of the film. Looking forward to watching this. Loved the scene in Holiday Inn where Bing Crosby's opening num
  5. I wish I had seen the lecture video first before seeing this movie Born to Dance. I have seen it before and for some reason enjoyed it more the first time. However, after seeing the lecture video more makes sense to me. Jimmy Stewart is my all-time favorite actor and I enjoyed his singing also. One thing I did NOT enjoy was Reginald Gardiner doing the Cop "conducting" the imaginary orchestra. I guess I forgot to think of the times and cultural setting of the film but I thought, seeing it now, very boring and well, kind of stupid. Sorry! Anyone else wonder what in the world this had to do with
  6. Thanks for the comment. Added more to my understanding. My mother is also still living and will be 95 in September. Unfortunately, she has dementia and can't really remember things. At first it was short term and she could easily remember things long ago.
  7. I have had another thought. So much has been said already that these early movies were to help people deal with or escape their hard lives. I read where studios made these musicals and they were very lucrative for them. People, during the depression years barely could cloth and feed themselves. Many could not find work? My grandfather traveled all over looking for jobs and would send home what he could. My mom has told me how rough this time was. I think she might have said a movie cost a nickle or something like that but still even an extra nickle was hard to come by. How could they afford to
  8. Enjoyed clip. Interesting that the film was made during Great Depression with it showing no regard for the cost of things, like the flowers in the dressing room and the tip to the doorman. In the notes with the clip I read how this was sanitized for the reason of the new coding. I can see that though I still thought Ziegfield's expression was not so much soft and was strongly villanous and had a "wait till I get my hands on you" look. That surprised me in this clip. Mr. Billings is played by the actor who plays the Wizard in Wizard of Oz. I hadn't seen him in any other films I can think of. Al
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