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  1. 1. This scene shows the "backstage musical" and how it develops. You can sense the disruption as the guy comes in and "insists" that balloon girl must be in the show because there is money behind her. 2. Rosalind Russell makes a grand entrance as the typical stage mother insisting that her girls are better than anyone else on the stage. Many are living their childhood dreams thought their children. 3. The song in this situation is made to be cute and entertaining for the audience, later it has a different meaning... I love Rosalind Russell in anything, she is so full of energ
  2. I have probably seen the Wizard of Oz about 100 times. Last night I noticed something I never heard before. When the wicked witch sent the flying monkeys out to fetch Dorothy, I heard her say "I'm going to send some insects ahead of you to take the fight out if them" I knew they cut the jitterbug scene out, but never noticed this line still being in the movie. Anybody else notice this or other things?
  3. Some of my favorite are, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Seven Brides for seven Brothers and West Side story. I love the athleticism when it comes to the dances and the strength they have when dancing. Any musical with Gene Kelly, (American in Paris, Singing in the Rain) he always made dancing look so easy. I never danced as a child, but tried tap dancing as an adult because I love the dance routines in musicals. I thank my mom who I would watch musicals with and learned to love them!
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