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  1. My whole family took this course and really enjoyed it. I am wondering if it's archived somewhere so I could recommend it to my elderly in-laws. They are in an assisted living facility and are looking for interesting and sort of challenging things to do. Thanks in advance.
  2. This is true! I bought two and chose Medium. Although that's not what my cart said, that's the size that arrived yesterday. And I must say, they are very nice shirts.
  3. No. I got off Fb years & years ago. But if I were on I would certainly join. ?
  4. I want to share an idea for a group activity. My family & a couple of friends have played this game a couple of times and it really is a lot of fun. It can be played via email or text so no worries if folks aren't all in the same house. Here's our Dinner Party Conversation Game as we played it. I'm sure you'll see right off how the structure could easily be modified for musicals. The game begins with the question, who would you invite to an imaginary dinner party? You set parameters like only real people or just fictional characters. You can set a time range (within the last 200
  5. My husband is a philosopher. For several years he taught an honors seminar using classic westerns-- usually the transition westerns-- to teach virtue ethics (the Aristotelian virtues) among other philosophical topics. It was freaking awesome. If anyone is interested, one of books he uses as a text (not really a text) is Cowboy Metaphysics: Ethics and Death in Westerns by Peter French. (My husband is not Peter French!) Before reading it, I had never considered that Westerns were anything more than just stories. It's a bit pricey, but for anyone who loves Westerns, it's worth it. So
  6. I plan on checking back in. Look! I am! I don't do Fb though.
  7. Me, too. Luckily-- especially this June-- I've enough experience to anticipate problems and be proactive. First tomato horn worm egg sighting... out comes the Dipel.
  8. Like Motherof Zeus, I slacked on housecleaning. But more obviously, I gave up garden time. And it really shows. You should see the weeds in the squash garden! Though with afternoon temps in the mid-90s and heat indexes hovering around 105, it ain't easy being outside in the afternoons. So... I have stacked up dusting, vacuuming, laundry to fold, ironing to do, patio to tidy up, guest houses to clean, tomatoes to put up (for you youngins that means I have tomatoes to waterbath, stew & freeze), peppers to pickle. Et cetera. And guess what? My in-laws are coming next week. Now, if
  9. According to Amy Vanderbilt's New Complete Book of Etiquette: A Guide to Gracious Living (1967):
  10. I love this movie, too. Watched it for the first time (shame on me) after we returned from a trip to Israel last year. Can't watch it enough. I just have one complaint. No way the future Det. Starsky should have been cast as Perchic. Weakest character in the film. Glaser on the same set as Tool? It's an abomination.
  11. I did the same! Listed every movie that showed, then checked them off.
  12. There are a LOT of people in the world who know a LOT about musicals! I am not among them. ? Thanks for sharing!
  13. Rio Bravo. It is so not a musical but that scene in the jailhouse with Rickie Nelson and Dean Martin singing make the movie so awesome. Oh! Let's not forget Walter Brennan accompanying on the harmonica!
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