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  1. Monday didn't and still doesn't have a DONE button on my module.
  2. WOW, I didn't think anyone remembered that series. I grew up listening to the soundtrack. My dad was huge on music and he owned the entire soundtrack. Incredible!
  3. I'm a behind the scenes geek. One thing I had never heard before was Cary Grant being tagged to play Henry Higgins....what a riot. Love Cary...but I just don't see it.
  4. Animated films in general would be a great chance for another course. Disney of course would take the threshold, but there are other studio animated features as well like today's DreamWorks. Films that included animation like MGM with Anchors Aweigh and Disney's Mary Poppins. Animation would be a very interesting course.
  5. After hitting the 'Done' button in each module, most of them are checked off with a "Complete All Items. Each Saturday Quiz Module states "Complete One Item". This past Monday's module says "Complete One Item" and the notes section says 'viewed' instead of 'marked done'. I've done everything in the module that my computers are capable of doing-I can't do any of the VIP's, nor the ARC Experiment. The Lecture and Note section didn't have a 'Done' button. Am I not closing this section? I want to make sure I show everything completed so I can finish the course correctly.
  6. If you like Stubby you can find him singing with Nat King Cole and playing either the banjo or guitar in Cat Ballou with Jane Fonda. I love that film and the music is fantastic. I don't know if he's really playing but he's really singing.
  7. If you check out her first films Vera-Ellen is rather 'chunky' for the time. It would not surprise me if she was under pressure to lose the weight and keep it off. We know that Garland was constantly given diet pills and practically starved on set. Vera became in my opinion scary skinny, but I loved her no matter what the shape. She has always been my favorite-I've study every move she's made during my dancing career. Check out "Three Little Words" and see how graceful she is with Astaire while Skelton plays a new tune. She's a vision to behold.
  8. Oh my gosh-that is the funniest thing I've heard in ages. You just finished my hard day with a laugh and a smile. I guess he never saw Wizard of Oz go from Sepia to Brilliant Color-also made in the same year as Gone with the Wind. I have to repeat Marica....this guy is your LANDLORD?! That's scary.
  9. They made a dynamite duo! Of course little June sparked with anyone she played opposite. What a ball of fire! Love all three of those films
  10. Well I've purchased CD's from Australia, so maybe I'll give this a try. At least get a dialogue with someone over there. They can usually tell you if it universal or not. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Ok, I need some help. It says I can only attach 3MB-Have no idea what that is. I've shrunk them down and even made a word document. Right now my sheet music pictures are in jpg. I have American in Paris, The Pirate, Singin in the Rain, and newer one's like Music Man, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof and more.
  12. Interesting that Disney releases it overseas. I guess that means it's in a different format so we can't order it. What a shame.
  13. It's been decades since I've seen this film, and if the majority of the students here are of the younger set I imagine they have never seen it. Maybe have never heard of it. Since I grew up in a home that never saw a difference in skin color (of which I feel blessed-I always say 'we all bleed red') I didn't see what others saw in this film. Would Baskett have played this part if he thought is was offensive? I wish I knew his feelings on this. He was given a special Oscar for the portrayal. So many like it. We are talking so much here, during this course, about remembering th
  14. I actually have more than I remembered - 'American in Paris' among them. I'll try scanning and sharing this weekend.
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