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  1. The first Judy film I remember watching is, like most people I'd say, The Wizard of Oz. I've always loved that movie and she gave off such a sweet, comforting vibe. I think that carries throughout her films, you just know she was a wonderful, lovely person in real life. I loved the two clips we got to watch, I sometimes forget what a natural humor she had, she was splendid!! In response to question 3- I've only seen parts of A Star is Born but I think it is definitely her strongest movie, when she sings your heart breaks and she brings so much to every song and line.
  2. This is definitely one of the more opulent looking movies that we've seen from the Depression era! I love this scene, with him trying to woo her through song, but then they start their true flirting through dance. Around this time you definitely see a shift in women, they now have more freedom (but also an obligation with the Depression) to take charge, be out in the world and outdoors instead of cooped up inside (we also see Ginger in quite the masculine outfit in this scene). And then we have Fred Astaire, who brought a delicacy and a bit of femininity to his dancing and overall performan
  3. You can see the beginning of him charming her in the first clip, she's obviously surprised & impressed by his voice. Her character seems to be coy, or even outwardly unwilling to show him she's at all interested. But then in the second clip, you can see she obviously cares what he thinks of her, and you can tell he cares about her and feels embarrassed and sorry for her. The setup of their characters seems to be a rather go-to formula of a valiant, down to earth, well-liked, "charmer" type man vs a more uptight, yet classy and likeable woman. This is purely me going off the clips, as I hav
  4. I was very charmed by this clip! It gave off a happy, light & airy feel to it, so if that continues throughout the whole film then I'd say yes, it does have a bright perspective, but I wouldn't call it unrealistic, at least from the perspective of these seemingly extravagant people. If this were pre-code I think Held would be wearing a stage costume with a bit more skin showing, and maybe we'd even get some undressing backstage... but the scene on its own got its message across, and her song "come play with me" doesn't leave much to interpretation!
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