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  1. Quite a few years ago I saw On the Town in a movie theater that showed classic old films and I distinctly remember all the women in the audience booing loudly during the scene towards the beginning of the film where Vera Ellen is happily dancing while ironing clothes and doing other housework chores.  One of many examples of a film reflecting the time when it was made but totally outdated now.

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  2. My favorite scene is when Dorothy (Judy) sings Over the Rainbow.  Such a wonderful song and she is the perfect person to sing it. Least favorite scene is the first time the Wicked Witch appears in the movie in the Munchkinland scene where she first threatens Dorothy and Toto.  I remember as a child when the movie was shown on TV i would leave the room during that scene because I was scared of the witch.  

    I had a record album soundtrack of the movie and I played it constantly.  Knew every song and lots of the dialogue by heart.  Also had (still have) the piano sheet music to all the songs and played them all the time.  Absolutely loved the movie as a child and even dressed up as Dorothy for Halloween for a couple years too.

    Does anybody else remember how when it was shown on TV they would always announce at the beginning that you don't need to adjust your TV because it starts off in black and white before switching to color?  I also remember how there would be a host who would introduce the movie.  One year I remember that it was Dick Van Dyke.

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  3. Hello everyone, I took the first quiz last night and had seven questions marked incorrect that were answered correctly.  I have read on other threads that many people have had the same thing happen.  I also saw that the instructors have been notified about this but am not clear on whether the bugs will be corrected.  If so, when will we know if they have been corrected and should I retake the quiz at that time?  I am hoping to earn a certificate of completion but due to the mistakes in scoring my answers, the score that has been recorded for me is below 70% and so far does not meet the requirements for the certificate.  Thanks to anyone who can help clear this up.

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