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  1. 1-Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? I believe it does show a brighter perspective. Just from the first minute, when Ziegfeld gives a “tip” like no big deal, and don’t forget about the doorman saying “5 pounds”? (which there is no need for). Things like these set the tone of the clip. The theatre, the audience, the orchids, everything screams money, and for the time the movie was release, Money was in everybody’s mind and wish list. Great way to immerse in a fantasy, forgetting reality for a little while. 2.
  2. There are so many musicals that i love that choose my favorite may be harder than i thought. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are my top performers. Everything they work on are in my top list. The music, the colors, the choreographies, set and costumes! just amazing! I believe that i enjoy musicals that much because of their way to transmit a message to the audience in a very optimistic way. Some characters may encounter hardships and sadness , but they just "dance" through it. They don't need any big Hollywood car destructions, bombs or tint the screen in red to delivery their
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