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  1. I think if Streisand had been more theatrical with her performance, you would have lost the intimacy of the scence.
  2. 1) The Alpha male isn't a prevelant. 2) He sings as if he is talking 3) I have not seen any of his other work.
  3. 1) It's stage setting and classic music are a look back to classic musicals. The dialogue over the music is a disruption. 2) She comes in bold and basically steals the show. 3)Having children sing "Let me entertain you" was probably pretty edgy for the time period.
  4. 1) yes it does 2) Mulligan has a rogue-ish charm that makes him likeable in spite of himself.
  5. The pre dance movements, while meant to be playful, were just as in synch as their actual dance. The scene needed the Professor as a Straight man so Kelly and O'Connor had someone to play off of. Kelly was the Alpha male, O'Conner was the beta male and the Professor was the straight man.
  6. I think she shows that you can have a strong woman character that doesn't need a man but can want one just the same. I think her bright and sunny disposition adds to the character of Calamity Jane. Her being positive adds to her strength
  7. 1) They seem to be working as a team. 2) They all seem to be in similar neutral colors. No one pops out. 3) The staging makes them look like a team. Each has their own special part to play in the show.
  8. 1) That no matter what, in good times or in bad, she loves her husband. 2) It would be a more maternal song instead of a love song. 3) I imagine it was a very important movie for the particular time period.
  9. The playfulness in the beginning of the scene cues us into the musical number. I did enjoy how the dancing was connected to the music.
  10. The first film I recall seeing Judy in was of course The Wizard of Oz. i was always captivated by her performance. After watching the 2 clips from todays daily dose, what struck me was she was very definitely equal to Astaire and Kelley. This has made me want to watch more of her movies.
  11. 1) Walking by the portraits of the past presidents, going to the oval office, numerous uses of flags in the scene stood out to me. 2)One example is the butler telling Cohen about seeing him sing about the grand old flag. 3). I think starting out in the oval office works better as they are setting it up to look back on what happened.
  12. 1) I like at the very beginning Ginger seems scared of the storm but isn't about to let Fred "comfort her". They also hold their own with each other through the dance and even going so far as Ginger taking the lead. 2) The production value has improved. So has the chemistry of the two leads. 3) One factor that may have played into this is more women entering the workforce.
  13. 1) the fake out with the shot, the drawer full of guns, breaking the 4th wall 2)when the wife "shoots" herself" 3) the slapstick quality
  14. 1) In the first clip there is a definite playfulness in their attraction. Her kidding him about his song was her way of hiding her attraction. 2) I have not seen any other films with these actors. But after these clips, I am eager to see more. 3.) I did find it interesting that the crowd didn't respond to the "wholesome" singer but came around to the not so wholesome singer.
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