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  1. Hi,

    what specific films are we to watch this week?



  2. Loved Born to Dance. Eleanor Powell was incredible! Buddy Ebsen just beat Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow in comedic dancing for me. Wow, a new favorite for me to watch again. Pure pleasure and entertainment. The cop pantomime was fun and done to perfection, but in a weird spot. I don’t know the reasoning behind the cops spot and can’t think of anywhere the bit could fit in the film. “Under My Skin” dance was gorgeous and awe inspiring. It was like they were floating on ice skates. Loved loved loved Born to Dance.
  3. I think when watching Hallelujah, one should acknowledge that it is an African American film. Then watch the great performances and how the story is told, without focusing on race and enjoy a great film. Walking away with a great experience and fully entertained.
  4. I enjoyed the movie. My opinion on racism within the time period the film was made: if a viewer watched this film and knew only that African- Americans were slaves, and this was the viewers only exposure to African-Americans, and believed this was representative of ALL African-Americans, then I see the racism. However, some white and and some African Americans had these experiences. My first question is, how did African Americans feel about the film? 2nd Question: how do African Americans feel about the film now? I enjoyed “Let My People Go”, as a beginning for movie. This movie takes place after the civil war and when slaves had established land ownership. Most of the characters certainly would have a memory of being slaves themselves, but are definitely poor but chasing the American dream of freedom. I enjoyed the theatrical Zeke riding on a donkey as Jesus did when arrived in Jerusalem. Zeke was there to save his people, and Hotshot and Chick were there mocking him, same as Jesus’ arrival. And we got the moneychangers biblical anger and explosion by Zeke towards Hotshot and Chick. Which again built tension bc Zeke did become irrational earlier when he accidentally shot and killed his brother. i loved how “Swing Low” was perfectly and beautifully put into perspective! The scene was a mirror of what the full meaning and interpretation of the song. Excellent!! There is plenty of tension building throughout the film. Will Zeke go for Chick as he’s asking Missy to marry him? Did he ask her to avoid his true sexual desires for Chick? Is Chick really not with the devil and saved? Hotshot shows up, will Chick go with him? Has Chick killed Hotshot? Then BOOM! Spoiler Alert: Zeke leaves with Chick after great sermon. The tension just seems to build and build. Chase scene, jail time, and a happily ever after end. Great movie and glad I watched. I’ve steered away for years bc of the film being racist. I’m interested in the stories of the desciminated African American stars, and how they were obviously classically trained musicians and actors.
  5. Here are a few discussio What do you notice about the interaction between the characters in these two scenes? Please give specific examples. Flirtation! Nelson says he doesn’t like her choice of a man. And asks what kind of a fellow is this man she’s considering. Then she finally says the inside joke, an opera tenor! Hilarious and smart writing bc both are in real life opera singers. Then Nelson gets her back by claiming his song “Rose Marie”, works with a lot of girls names except Maude. So, like she is considering other men he has also others he might be considering. Brilliant scene and superb acting by both. If you have seen either or both of these actors in other films or television shows, please share your perceptions about them. i’ve seen This movie but am not sure what else. However the song When I’m Calling You”, reminds me of Monty Python Lumberjack series of satirical skits and I’m pretty sure “When I’m Calling You”, is included in their Lumberjack series. My teen friends and I had fun mocking the song. What do these clips tell you about the male/female relationships as they are depicted in the films during this era? What norms might you expect are supported under the Hollywood Film Code? Good Girl always wins. Bad girls are fun and sexy but aren’t keepers bc they’ll go with any man. Note: Rose is choosing! sympathitic men get the girl. Loud mouths don’t! Again choosing seems a theme.
  6. I love many musicals and watch musicals over and over.it’s really hard for me to pick. But, thinking overall I will have to say musicals made in the 60’s.
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