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  1. I love the Leslie Howard PYGMALION, and it was the main source for MY FAIR LADY rather than the original play.
  2. I heard a ballet dancer speak about Mr. Kelly and Mr. Astaire. He said that dancers tended to think that with a lot of very hard work, they MIGHT be able to dance like Mr. Kelly. But Mr. Astaire...his style was completely his own. I don't want a world without Gene Kelly any more than I want one without Fred Astaire, but I am more an Astaire fan. That may simply be because I saw Mr. Astaire first.
  3. She's wonderful and it's great to see how she becomes a better and more comfortable actress as she makes more movies. And DANCING IN THE DARK...WOW!!!
  4. I'm very happy to see Oscar Hammerstein receive the credit and attention he deserves. He may be the single most important figure in the development of the musicals. I know the instructors only have a limited time, but I would like some focus on the writers of musicals and how theatrical musicals affected the development of film musicals.
  5. He had an enormous influence on movie musicals, as Gene Kelly frequently commented. His presence also attracted some of the greatest songwriters of the time to film, including Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, and Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields. It's hard to imagine what the film musical and the American Popular song would be without him.
  6. Rita Hayworth reportedly said the only pictures she made that she liked were COVER GIRL and the two she made with Mr. Astaire. She's a lovely dancer.
  7. I love PICK YOURSELF UP. When Fred Astaire received the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award, the crowd gasped and cheered at this number. And that moment when Mr. Astaire does the "look Ma, no hands." Wow.
  8. I understand why some of these stars were stars, but they just don't excite me. I think it's because the one thing they share is that they're not subtle. And my taste is for subtle and understated. That's one of the reasons I love Fred Astaire. Elegant, of course, and understated. But then, I also love Judy Garland, and she wasn't always undersated.
  9. Mr. Astaire danced with George Murphy in BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940. It's an interesting duet. Mr. Murphy is a capable dancer, but Mr Astaire is, well, Astaire. He also performs with Jack Buchanan in THE BAND WAGON. His primary partner on Broadway was his sister Adele.
  10. I'd like to recommend two books regarding Fred Astaire. ASTAIRE DANCING by John Muller which is an exhaustive look at all of Mr. Astaire's musical film numbers, and THE FRED ASTAIRE AND GINGER ROGERS BOOK by Arlene Croce, which is a study of the Astaire/Rogers partnership. Both are excellent and can add to an appreciation of the films.
  11. Not wanting to disturb anyone, but there are musical stars I don't get (my problem, of course, not theirs or their fans'). Mickey Rooney (too much), Betty Hutton (too much), Ruby Keeler, Nelson Eddy (too wooden), and Kathryn Grayson. Anyone else who doesn't get why a particular star is a star?
  12. I think James Cagney is probably best known today for YANKEE DOODLE DANDY and as a result, many people may know him more as a song and dance man than a gangster. And from what I've read, it seems Mr. Cagney would be ok with that.
  13. Joan Leslie is very good in THE SKY'S THE LIMIT, which I think is a very underrated film.
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