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  1. 1.) Of course it was the Wizard of Oz. I could not believe as a youngster that someone as young or a little bit older than I could be such a consummate actor/singer. Judy at sixteen or seventeen had it all together, voice, acting ability and the incredible hoofing. 2.) When you view these Judy films chronologically, Wizard of Oz, For Me and My Gal and Easter Parade, you really do see a legend unfolding before our eyes. In each of these films she takes her talents to even newer heights. 3.) Sweet Jesus . . . undoubtedly, The man that got away, From a Star is Born. If that isn’t sel
  2. 1.) American patriotism is everywhere in this opening scene. To begin with, George walking side by side with an African American butler, not equals, but somehow you feel they are. They’re walking up a staircase lined with prominent American presidents. Implying our noble and patriotic beginnings. Once George enters the Oval Office there is a hushed awe as if George had just entered a scared place. Then, the flags. There’s that ever present flag over the characters shoulder and how the scene progresses with wall to wall flags during the flashback of the parade. All of these images point to Amer
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