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  1. It's free. I don't have DVR. They can't cater an entire cable broadcast network to a free course either. I think they are wonderful and appreciate them offering this to us. The course outlined the film suggestions each week, one, two, or four. It wasn't necessary to watch 20 hours of film a day. Could we have? Sure. Did it feel like we were missing out on a lot since things were discussed that we didn't get a chance to watch? Sure. However, you can always check things out from a local library for free, sign up for free trials to various services to piece things together, and make it work. Sling offers a 1 or 2 week trial and offers the movies on demand. I was able to catch a few that way.
  2. I had always, always wanted to go when I lived there for several years. Still so bummed I never did. I have been trying to move back now for about 2 years, but have been unsuccessful. One day. It's such a beautiful and historical area.
  3. And no, wouldn't ask for anything interactive, quizzes, badges, etc., anything moderated. Would love to just review the notes, clips that were generated within, podcasts, suggested film viewings, and lectures.
  4. Okay, interesting. Wish I knew someone who had. Watching North by Northwest for the 15th time today, really wish I had access to the Hitchcock course. Man, I bet that was fun. My dad mentioned he would have loved to take that as well.
  5. I'm getting caught up from late week assignments and have to say, Prof Ament hit it on the head with millennials, the Disney connection, and musicals. I absolutely am one of those folks who grew up on Disney and love Moulin Rouge (saw it on Broadway also), enjoyed La La Land, and some of the others referenced.
  6. Who is watching the first of our recommended for this week? Right off the bat I see "Pork" from Gone With the Wind and others!
  7. I can appreciate them not being full blown and active engagement like these are, moderated by professors, but perhaps with the content locked, but still be able to browse the lecture notes, lecture videos, list of suggested movies, etc. Those would be so insightful if people who wanted to have a deeper understanding and appreciation could just view the content, without it even being an actual course.
  8. I had a family vacation this past weekend and am getting caught up. I was able to watch all the recommended core movies on time, but wanted to watch some of the others, including this one. I am fascinated by it, the history, and will catch up on all the commentary here. I will also add, I have Sling, so the movies are kept "On Demand" of sorts for at least a week after they air.
  9. MGM (as it was called originally) and The Great Movie Ride were my favorites. I was absolutely devastated that they took it away. MGM just isn't the same since it changed and I refuse to refer to it as Hollywood Studios. I got to go one last time at the end of 2016 before TGMR went away, but I love videos like yours that will forever allow us to remember the ride.
  10. I so wish there was a way to access the archive of the course or have them reopened like they do for true collegiate semesters. The core content is recycled semester after semester, but responses and such are cleared out for new students.
  11. Also, I have Sling, so anything that has recently aired, is available to view, so that's how I catch some of these things. I don't have DVR. No need.
  12. I watched all three yesterday, but didn't really pay much attention to Golddiggers, just because it was so late. I caught my favorite movie of all time, GWTW, though not a musical. I am watching Victor/Victoria now and plan to watch Wizard tomorrow before I have a busy weekend with in town guests.
  13. I can relate. I used to work for Amazon from home as a CSA. During our training, on a call, someone yelled about their friend being arrested and needing to be bailed out of jail. That was the same training class that had squawking chickens.
  14. You can always try your local library. Ours allows you to do an online catalog search and put a hold for pickup on the item. Free, better than renting.
  15. Yes, in each individual lesson inside a module, the "Mark as Done" button does the trick. Thank you!
  16. That's the one thing I haven't clicked BlueMoods. I wasn't sure if it would mark just that item or the entire module. I will go give it a shot.
  17. I saw it mentioned in the syllabus and look forward to having one in the future, as long as everyone can mute their mics. Nothing more annoying then chickens squawking, dogs barking, and people yelling at their kids in the background while someone is speaking.
  18. Yes! I had never seen this before but just fell in love with Buddy Ebsen.
  19. Doesn't work for me on Chrome either. I can't click anything individually to mark complete, or the whole section.
  20. Hi Dee and everyone else! Also new to these TCM courses, also wish I had found out about them sooner. I am/have been an online college student at various colleges over the years in pursuit of higher education, so enjoy this format. I look forward to walking through the various ages over the next four weeks.
  21. Hey everyone! Looking forward to a course of fun! Regardless of season, I love to watch White Christmas (also seen it on Broadway in NYC) as someone mentioned above. I also love Chicago (have also seen it on Broadway in NYC), Singin' in the Rain, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and of course, Wizard of Oz.
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