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  1. 1. If Streisand performed “People” more theatrical or expressive, it would have taken the loneliness, yearning and sadness out of the song. I think it would look like she was doing a vaudeville skit. 2. As Fanny starts to sing she walks away from Nicky while singing to him. He follows her but the longer she sings the further away from each other they get. He’s still listening, he’s just not following. It’s like he’s somewhere else. And she’s feeling strongly that she wants someone who needs her, unlike him. 3. The camera follows Streisand giving her a little space, but once she menti
  2. 1. Gaslight and My Fair Lady although very different stories do have similar themes. The leading men in both stories are very dominant, they know who they are and usually get what they want, the way they want it. The leading ladies of both movies are strong women who want to please these men. The difference between the movies is that in Gaslight Gregory has no feelings for Paula, he acts superior and doesn’t care for Paula. Gregory wants Paula to be upset and worry, think about what you did, why did you do that, what’s wrong with you. In My Fair Lady Higgins treats Eliza as a child. He acts su
  3. 1. From these clips, in the earlier musicals neither Professor Harold Hill or Queen would have been a leading man. Harold is not young and handsome or rich and Queen couldn’t be the Alpha male. So the most noticeable difference of masculine representation and performance is that the men no longer have to be Alpha males or follow as strict of guidelines on what was acceptable. 2. In The Music Man Robert Preston has a fast pace, smooth way of talking. He uses his hands like a salesman pointing at things and grabbing people to join him, you can tell he’s pushy. In Victor Victoria he uses hi
  4. 1. This scene is backwards to classical musicals because instead of seeing a bunch of beautiful women on the stage, we see a bunch of kids. Also the director is not at all in charge of this scene. Mama Rose takes over and tells everyone what to do. Kind of like how the new disruptions take over and most musicals are made for teenagers, not exactly the musicals Hollywood wanted to do. 2. Rosalind just comes out of nowhere when she hears he children perform. She yells as she’s walking to the stage (instructions for Louise).She doesn’t stop, she climbs right up on the stage and instructs ev
  5. 1. The stylized scene in An American in Paris is Jerry daydreaming that he is in his drawing that he just sketched. So if it’s a dream, thought, something being read, something be watched it can be the only thing stylized and not seem out of place. Cause it’s giving you insight into someone’s mind, which wouldn’t appear the same as reality. 2. Jerry Mulligan seems to be an honest guy. When the student came up to critique his work he was short with her. But when Milo asks him if he was going to treat her the same he explains that he’s had other art students trying to use their knowledge o
  6. 1. The predance movements of O’Connor and Kelly are the two men copying and mirroring each other’s movements. First with their hands, then with their walking around, until they jump on the desk and start dancing. When they are dancing they copy and mirror each other’s movements. So it’s pretty much the same. 2. To be the straight man in this scene would be hard. I think I would laugh every time I turned and saw O’Connor make that face. (Cause I laugh at the scene every time, it’s also the straight man’s reaction.) He also gets a curtain put on his head, pushed onto a table, pushed into a
  7. 1. Calamity Jane is the “tom boy” type of female, she takes care of herself, protects herself, and doesn’t care how she looks. So she isn’t the feminine type of girl. But when she thinks she’s in love she try’s to change to fit in. She ends up conforming to a more feminine look, not a traditional female look, but a Calamity female look. 2. I’ve seen many Doris Day movies, but I never really payed attention to what the year was. I feel to answer this question I’d have to rewatch an earlier film, this film, and a later film, cause it’s been awhile. 3. In my opinion Doris Day’s persona
  8. 1. The clip starts with Jeffrey falling and the rest of them rushing to help him up. He starts singing and they all take turns singing, but they all sing the corus together. The dancing is everyone doing the same steps except for the girl who is sometimes twirled by the guys. They all get a turn at some kind of gag that involves at least one other person. So not one of them outshines the other three. Unlike the earlier musicals where the best talent was front and center. 2. Lily and Lester are dressed in gray and white to separate them as a couple. Tony and Jeffery are both dressed in blu
  9. 1. In this scene I notice that it’s night and Petunia is in a room with a little light from a lamp. When she runs to Little Joe it gets darker. Then the scene moves to daylight and outside and it’s bright. I think what this is saying is that Petunia is hoping that Little Joe still loves her and the lamp represents her hope. When she runs to him she passes through a shadow which would be her fear that he no longer loves her. But when she’s by his bedside she knows that he still does, which would be the moonlight through the window. And when she’s hanging laundry she feels their relationship is
  10. 1. Whenever the music speeds up Frank runs and Betty chases him and they let them run away from the camera, but when the singing starts the shot is closer so you can see Betty’s face. Each time we see them go from running to singing needs to be edited so the picture flows instead of jumping. So the cut from one angle to another has to be exact so the movements and the music match up. I feel they let the characters run away from the camera to show us how far Betty would go to get her man. And also how far Frank would go to not be caught. 2. The music starts when Betty blocks Frank, which l
  11. 1. I think the first Judy Garland movie I saw was the Wizard of Oz, when I was in elementary school and me and my brothers and sister got to stay up a little later to watch it on t.v. So my first impression of Judy is going to be a kids impression. I didn’t recognize many actors or actresses at that age but I always recognized the girl from the Wizard of Oz when she was in other movies. Not sure why I recognized her, but more than likely it would be her singing. Her beautiful voice can always be heard over everyone else’s no matter who she sings with. It just stands out to me. 2. In the E
  12. 1. In the Oval Office all of the pictures are of ships. There was a ship on the mantle and even a clock on the desk looked like the wheel of a ship. I don’t think that any of the ships were war ships. But it made me think of over seas and sailors. In the street there was a parade that makes me think of home town celebration and community. There was a hardware store that almost every town has. And almost everywhere there was a U.S. flag. And the address on the building was 1776. So it makes you think the 4th of July and our country’s freedom. 2. Even though it was president Roosevelt talki
  13. 1. In the start of the battle they get face to face close enough to kiss, but they don’t. Their hands are so close it looks like they are going to hold hands. When they notice they both fumble for a bit then cross their arms a way of saying they don’t like each other. As they continue they end up holding each other. And at one point Fred lifts Ginger and they switch and she lifts him. 2. What I think the difference in Top Hat and other depression musicals is the dancing. Fred and Ginger do ballroom dancing. They face each other and embrace one another. The other musicals the dancers are s
  14. 1. Lubitsch uses the camera to make sure you notice key things going on in the scene. Lubitsch does a close up of a garter and a close up of a woman’s legs with a garter on each leg, so it’s not her garter. A gun being pulled from a purse, so that you would notice that it was the lady’s gun. And a drawer full of both guns and garters, so this isn’t the first time that Alfred’s been in this situation. 2. The scene open’s with arguing from another room. I don’t know what was said cause I don’t speak the language. But when the couple comes into the room Alfred says “she’s jealous”. Then the
  15. 1. Rose Marie is very conservative and sergeant Bruce is broad minded.The first scene the sergeant serenades Rose Marie with a song about her, but it turns out that he changes the name in the song to the girl he is with at the time. So he has been with many girls. In the second scene Rose Marie has taken a job singing in a saloon and struggles to get anyone’s attention. She sings a modern song as an opera and when she try’s to modernize her routine by observing another woman, she’s awkward and then she realizes that she can’t bring herself to dance that way. 2. I’m not sure if I’ve watche
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