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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned so much. The thing that I have noticed most (that I didn't pay attention to prior to the course) was how some of the musicals matched and/or addressed what was going on culturally at the time the movie was made - regardless of the time the movie might have been set. In the past, I had only paid attention to the era that the movie itself was addressed, not matching it with what was going on when the movie was actually made. For example, Cabaret being set at the beginning of Nazism and what was going on culturally in the early 1970s in the USA. It's been a pleasure to reminiscence while watching many of these musicals. I grew up watching a lot of them. They've brought back some wonderful memories. I'm looking forward to the next course. My sincere thanks to Vanessa Ament, Gary Rydstrom, Richard Edwards, and Wes Gehring for sharing their insight, experience, and expertise. I also thank the other course participants for their comments, which have broadened my understanding of this genre. Wishing everyone a very happy summer.
  2. I was unfortunately out of town with little Internet access, so I am just "joining" the course. Doing a little back peddling to catch up. LOL. The Great Ziegfeld 1. The film definitely exhibits a lighter side of life. For example, the way Powell and Morgan take notice of one another during Luise Rainer's performance. True rivals in the industry would probably have not even acknowledged one another and would have done everything possible to make the competition feel small. I also especially liked how the doorman was so generous with the information he shared prior to even receiving the 5-pound note. How often do we see the hand out prior to giving up any info? Payment seems to be expected if any information is to be shared. Yet, he is happy to tell Powell everything he knows without any compensation whatsoever. 3. Regarding the code issue, I think that several items would have possibly been "played up" if the film was made pre-code. For example, Ms. Rainer's discussion with her assistant about the flowers would probably have taken place while she was undressing after her act. I also think that there would have been a little more "play" with the junior aspect. She does mention, "why the junior, is he a little boy?" - pretty sure that a lot more emphasis would have been given on that topic.
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