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  1. 1. I actually just directed this show in my middle school! Cosmo is such a classic comedic sidekick. His moves mimic/make fun of the professor. Both dance moves happen with the "beat" of the statement. THey are both so talented and their dance moves are genius! 2. He seemed very straightlaced, a character that is very serious and does not mess around. He also does not like the fact that Don and Cosmo are not taking the lesson seriously. 3. Al three are very different masculine characters. Cosmo is the comedic relief, Don is the heartthrob, and the professor is the stoic, quiet male.
  2. 1. This film show a woman in a different way, she is more of a tomboy then a feminine woman. Women in most moves were beautiful and very girly girl and this one shows a very type of woman. 2. I am a Doris Day fan, so I have seen many her movies. I am complete awe of the different characters she can portray. She can play the tomboy or the elegant, feminine leading woman. 3. I think it adds to her role. Her persona shows that any type of woman can be tomboy, can be independent and does not need a man.
  3. 1. They all work together, the dance is seamless and every is included. 2. The costuming is very similar, none are too bright or out there. The colors blend well together. 3.I love the way the almost feed off each other. They are like a well oiled machine, they work so well with each other and look like they are just having fun, it doesn't look as choreographed as other numbers we have observed.
  4. 1. Every movement is perfectly choreographed with the music. It is a great cat and mouse game between the two of them. One movement decided the next so simple but great. 2. As he walks out of the occur room he is walking and tossing the ball to the beat of the music. He also Tys to by pass her and both them step with the beat of the music.
  5. 1. The first Judy Garland movie I saw was "Wizard of Oz". I remember it was the one night a year I got to stay up late just so I could watch it. I thought she was beautiful, young amd so talented. 2. These are two completely opposite clips when looking at her acting ability. I definitely have more appreciation of her and her talent. I can honestly say I have not seen her in many films. She is truly a talented actress. 3. I saw "Easter Parade" years ago! It has been long time. What I can remember is she looked so grown up and almost regal. It was quite a different role from Dorothy.
  6. 1. As Cohan is walking up the stairs we see paintings of our"forefathers", those presidents we learn about in school. We see a flag over the shoulder of Cohan as he talks to FDR as well as model ships that look very much like the ships that brought the pilgrims over. 2. There is one line, which several people have mentioned, "That is one thing I admire about you Irish Americans, you carry your love of country like a flag, right out in the open. It's a great quality". I think that is the epitome of the movies that came out in this time frame, during the war. 3. I think it makes more
  7. 1. Watching the clip you can see some sort of battle, it reminds me when you see two guys trying to one-up each other. I have always loved watching them dance together, but i have never seen them do something like this and I found it very cool. 2. I did not see the lavish costumes and sets that we saw in the other clips. We saw a simple scene outdoors and it was raining, which is often very gloomy. 3. I think we see the changes in roles between men and women is showing the change over time. Women did go out and get job, wore "the pants" in the family. It depicted that changes going
  8. 1. The garter she comes out with and him insisting that it is her's , then she lifts her skirt as proof shows that he is a ladies man. The guns on the drawer shows that he is not sweet and innocent as he appears. I think the fact that he was able to easily do her dress up goes to show that he has had plenty of experience in doing and undoing ladies dresses. 2. I loved the gun shot, the movement of his handkerchief in his pocket then him patting down to see if he was shot. It adds more humor to the scene and it shows the length the woman was going to go to get out of the sticky situation s
  9. 1. In the first clip, you see him trying to woo her. He is flirting and she is not appearing to fall for him. But in the second clip when she is trying to fit in amd be someone else she was embarrassed that he saw her like that, ashamed that she was unable to fit into a crowd like that, a crowd that he appears to fit into. 2. I have not seen these actors before. 3. Everything seems so innocent in the clips. You can see that obviously likes her and continues the chase. In a movie today you would see the guy just try and kiss the girl and be more upfront with his thoughts and expectati
  10. 1. I agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic during this time frame. The audience had a very rich feel to them based on their costumes. 2. I would expect to see plots and storylines that would help the audience escape reality for a while, things that could help them forget the troubles they are having and live vicariously through the characters in the show. 3. I think if this was filmed pre-code, I think Florenza's costume would have been a bit more risque. I also think the scene in her dressing room would have been staged a little differe
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