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  1. 29 year old here. This is one of the instances I think it would have been good to have a Millennial represented. I watched musicals as a child whether with my (Boomer) parents or at school. So I have always been aware of musicals and liked them. And of course I grew up with the Disney movies. I remember being a little kid and my mom just putting on a VHS The Little Mermaid or The Wizard of Oz while she did other things so I could be entertained. So I think Dr Ament is right that Millennial and younger even have always been exposed to them and because they have been so integral in put childhoo
  2. Couldn't it be both though? Musicals and art/movies in general reacting to the times but are being affected by the times as well. Also, how were the Beatles considered old fashioned? I have never heard that they were considered old fashioned.
  3. This is interesting thank you. I know for Moana they set up a special research group (don't remember ehat its called) taking from anthropology, historians, Polynesian scholars, learners in that community etc to make it a real authentic film. There was criticism from Lilo and Stitch from the Polynesian/Hawaiian community so when planning Moana, Disney's team set this research and development group up. LAS was in 2003 and the world has changed as far as representation for non-white and historically marginalized peoples and calls for authentic diverse stories from different cultural communities.
  4. Couldn't agree more! Love that you used that specific song in you title lol. Much appropriate!
  5. I have not seen the Beach films...I have BP recorded on DVR but haven't gotten around to it yet. But with this class I am more interested (I used to just skip over this movie when it would air; corny title). But judging from your comment and the blurb about this film, I'd say it is pretty disruptive for the reasons you listed. I know that there were movies exploring teen sexuality - A Summer Place with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue which was a couple years before the beach movies that involved this theme. But you raise some excellent points. The teens in movies I can think of from the old studio
  6. The Artist dance scene in the finale is also inspired by this number
  7. I think this is a really interesting proposition. Any movie is a product of its era and how good or bad that is gets judged by the contemporary time (unfairly or not). I read this and my first thought was Rose Marie which we talked about very early on. I can't see any of the Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald movies being made in any other time than what they were-mid to late 30s. Their operatic singing and the specific type of musical the and y made was wildly popular but fell out of favor and today people seem to have strong opinions about them, the movies or just can't relate. Those musical
  8. Great point! I posed something like this in the 1940s lectures. The criss cross of genres at express what people apparently were feeling about their times. I contrasted musicals and film noir. Totally different genres expressing different sentiments but co-exist never the less. It would be the same story for the 60s and how art parallels the times.
  9. Agreed with everything u said but this stuck out. I can (and I have using this term) excuse alot but the true story of PT Barnum is so bad and to know they glossed over it is something I cannot abide. And I can deal with a lot
  10. Absolutely! You really lay this out really well. "Critical Mass" is a great word to use because that is exactly what happened. Musicals and the creatives involved in them were experimenting, questioning the old ways of doing things, testing new innovations. Just like the youth were doing at the time and reshaping and re-framing their world.When we look back, it does seem like this decade in particular matches seamlessly genre and the larger social, political, and cultural context it exists in. Great question you posed. I would have to think about it some more but I would say th
  11. Well said. I wrote on another post that I do like this movie. Emma and Ryan I don't have strong opinions on but I found them charming and likable. I like the music. I'm not a dancer, can't dance, and know nothing about it technically so I have no criticisms on the dancing.Still, I feel like something is missing in the plot and story. It seems like LLL was conceived as a nice throwback to the musicals specifically and the mood generally of classic films. The "mood" in this case reflects some kind of mythic Los Angeles as a city and Hollywood as a concept as well as the film business. One
  12. MTE. Its a pleasant film alright but I didn't think it was that good. As far as all the accolades heaped upon it. Maybe because its about Hollywood and its said Hollywood loves movies about itself. It's a rosy, nostalgic view of the industry too which "They" might be responding too. Maybe its because it is an original story with original music.
  13. I like this movie. I have the DVD and watch it sometimes. I think is a breezy and lighthearted tribute to the old Hollywood musicals (the fantasy ending reminds me of the ballet in American in Paris and parts of the Broadway Melody in Singin in the Rain). Its definitely a feel good film. It encapsulates the mood or rather the idealized mood of olf Hollywood; a celebration of the mythic Hollywood. I do enjoy it. Its a throwback to those kinds of uncomplicated musical and romantic comedy movies that were made then. I really like the music! Fabulous songs!
  14. This entire week I have been thinking about what we (the notes) mean when we call the '60s a "disruptive decade" and that the musicals were disruptive. I like words and the use of the word "disruptive" intrigued me. The word literally means "causing or tending to cause disruption;innovative or groundbreaking" Some synonyms are rowdy,unruly, disorderly, wild, undisciplined. Some antonyms are calm, well behaved, well mannered, appropriate, peaceful. But this isn't English class. When we began the 1960s on Monday, I found this word a curious one to use. I knew the studio system was engaged i
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