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  1. 1. The character of Calamity Jane is different than other female characters from the 1950s. She is more stronger, independent and has more freedom. Calamity Jane also does not sacrifice anything for anybody and still stays true to herself even though she did make some chances to her personality. She also isn't extremely feminine, and even when she does soften her look she still has the tomboy look. 2. I have not seen many films with Doris Day but the ones that I did watch usually show her ability total on any role and she does it in a great way. Her characters are usually fun and likeabl
  2. 1. Everybody is in sync with one another. Their steps are related to one another and they are based on what the others are doing. They are also helping each other with the dancing and even the stunts. This is different from other musicals because the dancers in The Band Wagon are working together and their dance routine is based on everybody not just one person. You need all four people for the dance routine to work not just one or two but four. 2. Even the costumes are similar. The colours are the same. You have two people wear a suit and tie and the other two wear a mismatched outfit b
  3. I noticed that the scene shows Petunia as a very loving and caring wife. She is happy to have her husband healthy and safe again. The cut shows Petunia taking care of her husband to taking care of the house again, along with her husband but now she is happy. This scene shows how much she loves her husband and the joy she gets out of taking care of him. If Petunia was singing to a child instead of her husband then there would a different type of love and happiness that she would be singing about.
  4. The first Judy Garland film I ever watched was The Wizard of Oz. I was very young and I remember watching it on TV and it would come on every year around Halloween and Christmas time. And I would watch it every time. When I first saw Judy Garland on screen I thought she was very charming. She had a lovely voice. After watching those two clips I have a much more deeper appreciation of her talent and what she was able to do. She was extremely talented and versatile. I don't see her only as Dorothy anymore. I see her a talented performer that was able to entertain people with almost everything sh
  5. The clip features the American flag many times. The audience gets to see a glimpse of the White House. The American ships and portraits all symbolizes the country and what it represents. The big idea of loving your country and being proud of it is shown when the clip goes back in time. The audience see the crowd of people waving their flags and they hear the marching band play American marching tunes. Also the idea of immigration comes up and the idea of immigrants coming over and making a better life for themselves and their family in a country that promotes liberty and freedom. The American
  6. 1. Ginger Rogers is copying Fred Astaire and is just as active as he is in the dance routine. She also isn't letting him lead or take charge she challenges him by either copying whatever move he makes or by making her own move. They are both equal. 2. This film is different in many ways. One thing is that this is a screwball comedy mixed into a musical.But the main reason could be that this film does not show the characters to be extremely glamorous or wealthy. Even though they do show wealth and glamour in the film it is not the main focus. The characters can be both glamorous and ungla
  7. Both are great dancers. By watching these two clips I noticed that Ruby Keeler sings during performances and Eleanor Powell is more focused on dancing. I have not seen many films with those two but I did watch Born to Dance on Tuesday and from what I've noticed Powell is mostly dancing during musical numbers. Also in the clip with Keeler she is less active, while Powell is more active. Powell is jumping around, kicking and swinging her feet around and doing cartwheels. Keeler's performance is also more sexy and she uses her sex appeal during her musical number. Powell does not do that and the
  8. 1. A lot of close up shots of items that will became important in the next scenes. Facial expressions and the actors acting is also more dramatic. 2. The scenes use of sound shows the importance of an certain item, such as the gun. We hear the gunshot twice. And when we hear it it is very loud. 3. The themes you see in this clip are a mix of comedy and drama. You also see the usual wealthy characters.
  9. 1. Both of these characters do like each other. There is less eye contact in the first scene. Rose Marie also tries to ignore him but she can't because she is falling in love with him, and is pleased with his song. In the second scene they are making eye contact and looking at each other. Rose Marie is worried about what he might think of her, and you can tell that she obviously cares about what he thinks. They are also smiling at each other in the second scene and you can see that do care about each other. And he goes after her leaving the other women behind. 2. This is the first and on
  10. 1. Yes I do agree that the clip portrays a brighter perspective of life. You see expensive orchids being given away, fancy decor, and people wearing beautiful clothing. And everybody is very cheerful and they are having a good time. They have nothing to worry about. Even their "problems" are nothing serious. You also hear jokes and songs. The songs in the clip are meant to put people in a good mood. The song "To Play With Me" portrays this image of people having a good time. The jokes such as, " I'm trying to lose five pounds", or "Why is he a junior is he a little boy?" all show that these p
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