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  1. Again, don’t want to repeat too much what has been said, but would rather emphasize some themes and how they tie together Unity: ethnicity, race, party and class. During the great migration after the potato famine Irish were seen as , well, white you know whats. Also, not every visitor to the White House would have been so chatty with a servant, servants were to be ignored. Yet Cohen talks to (is that the devil from CITS?) him as equal to equal, just as Roosevelt, as white shoe as they came, talks to his double, Cohen. Progressive values of egalitarian fellowship are on display. A
  2. Just an addendum, since much that needs to be said has been said. This is more speculation than fact but ... in terms of the third question, what about the iidea that by the mid decade there was a handicapped President whose wife was more present than usual in the news. Eleanor Roosevelt did trips and ceremonies, fact-finding missions, wrote a daily newspaper column, seemed to be everywhere sympathizing with everyone. In screwball the female lead often initiates action—think Veronica Lake looking after and enlightening Joel Mcrea in ST or Katherine Hepburn magically pixieiing Cary Grant
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