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  1. I fell in love with Cary Grant long ago, so Philadelphia Story is my hands down winner. I remember the first time I saw High Society - I had great hopes, but they were dashed. I found it to be rather bland, with none of the wit and chemistry that PS had. I do not consider it a great musical at all.
  2. Curious about peoples' opinions on Fred Astaire in the 1930s vs 1950s movies. After watching Silk Stockings and Bandwagon today I found myself a little disappointed in the dancing. Even though Cyd Charise is an amazing dancer, I think I prefer the give and take equality of Fred & Ginger tapping vs Fred helping to showcase Cyd's ballet moves. The stories somehow seemed weaker in 1950s as well. The songs didn't feel like they moved the story along so much (especially in Bandwagon). In all, even though I've seen these movies before, after rewatching them today I was vaguely dissatisfied
  3. I am a bit confused how the badges work. I earned the week one badge, clicked on Download, and just got a big image on my screen. Am I supposed to save image? Is there anything else to do to get that module checked off as complete? Thanks!
  4. Another thing film can do that stage cannot is the close-up. I am reminded of "Can't Take That Away From Me" where the camera zooms in on Ginger as tears well up in her eyes at Fred's serenading on the ferry on the way back from being married in New Jersey. I seem to remember some of those close-ups in Broadway Melody as well. An actor would have to sell "sad/tear-y" on stage in a very different manner. There is also the kind of things you can do for stage setting: the actual floating gondolas, Bates swimming, etc. in Top Hat. Can't do that on stage!
  5. This!! I found myself saying "shut your mouth!" in the big final number. I much preferred her in the earlier numbers at the Lonely Hearts Club to the big finale.
  6. So, something I noticed in Top Hat vs Broadway Melody: the strong female lead role was the object of romantic interest in Top Hat, whereas in Broadway Melody she actually loses her affianced. That seems like a big change in only 6 years! Of course, Top Hat is pure comedy whereas Broadway Melody is much more on the dramatic end of the spectrum, so that may figure into it as well. Actually, I think that is a major difference in Top Hat vs the other clips this week: Top Hat is purely screwball comedy, where as the other clips were more dramatic.
  7. I own Top Hat, so watched that one first on Monday. Tuesday was Born to Dance, Broadway Melody and 42nd Street. Tonight I watched Wizard of Oz (with my 8 year old for the first time!) - that was a lot of fun!!
  8. Are the times listed Eastern time zone? I live in Central, and I'd hate to tune in and find out half the show was already over!
  9. This is incredibly difficult! Anything Fred & Ginger, or Judy, or Gene, or Bing, or..... sigh....I just love them all!
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