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  1. 1. What do you notice about the interaction between the characters in these two scenes? Please give specific examples. Clip 1: She begins removed and uninterested. Once he begins singing to her she's becomes interested and seems impressed by his singing. She breaks her guard a little and begins having a little fun with him bantering back and forth. Eventually her amusement of his song and playfulness is overtaken by her irritation of him taking the joke a little too far and she becomes removed again. Clip 2: She struggling to win the attention of the room when she notices him come in. For a few moments she seems hurt by the prospect of seeing him with other, flirtatious, females. She's looking but doesn't want him to know that she is struggling with embarrassment and some jealousy so she tries to look more light hearted about it for when he notices her. Once the seductive female stands up to dance around she overcome with embarrassed and I think expects the male is more interested in someone who is more seductive, so we runs off. She didn't notice that the male doesn't seem to really be noticing anyone but her. 2. If you have seen either or both of these actors in other films or television shows, please share your perceptions about them. I'm not farmilur with any other films staring these actors. 3. What do these clips tell you about the male/female relationships as they are depicted in the films during this era? What norms might you expect are supported under the Hollywood Film Code? Clip 1: I think the film code and norm of the era was for the couple to play a non-seductive game of cat and mouse, with the male pursuing the female. I think females of this film era and code are expected to be depicted as wholesome, yet smart, with the desire to be pursued by a handsome well established man. Clip 2: I think the code would support the more "wholesome" depiction on the main actress rather then the seductive female in the tight dress. The main actress was trying to earn the audience of the room, as well as their money, but it wasn't working. She was however winning the attention the of the sought after male by being more wholesome and innocent. I think winning the heart of the "prized" male would be considered the exception of the female during the era.
  2. 1. Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? Yes, I think this clip portrays a brighter perspective than would be considered realistic for someones life in the Depression era. During a time when most people were struggling for work and basic necessities Anna is being lavished with beautiful exotic flowers and it seems her most difficult struggle is which gentlemen caller to pursue. 2. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression era musicals? I would expect to continue to see people of higher society portrayed, not the working class, with story lines of romance and entertainment. I would expect the sets and scenes to be more lavish than everyday life. I would expect stories that are mostly daydreamy to help take the viewer (especially of the time) away from their current setting and into the life of people who's lives are seemingly more care free and exciting. 3. Since this is a musical that was made after the motion picture code was enforced, how might you imagine it might have been filmed or scripted differently if it had been pre-code? Give specific examples. I think that pre-code Anna's dress and performance and dress would have been much more flirtatious and alluring. I also think that Ziegfeld and Billings may have been portrayed more forcefully in their pursuit of Anna and would have been less cutesy about it. Perhaps Ziegfeld and Billings would have been casted differently as well.
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