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  1. I'm very curious to hear one thing you learned about musicals that you didn't know before. For me, I think the Pre-Code era was very interesting. I've sure enjoyed watching all the musicals from different decades and seeing the progression they made. I had never seen Guys and Dolls before.....loved it!
  2. I love TCM and watch it alot! I have 4 random questions about movies I've seen: 1. Why are all the credits shown at the beginning of the movie instead of at the end like they are now? 2. I've noticed that most musicals play little pieces of all the songs sung in movie when they run the credits at the beginning. I dont recall studios doing that now with modern musicals. When did this change? 3. All the characters in the beginning of Wizard of Oz (during the Kansas scene) are also characters when the film turns to color except the Uncle and Aunt. Am I missing something and
  3. My cousin and I would always watch Wizard of Oz on Thanksgiving Day after we ate. This was back in the 70's when they showed it on broadcast TV. I love when Dorothy started down the Yellow Brick Road, didnt like when the witch cornered her in the castle and of course, always teared up when Dorothy said good bye to the lion, tin man and scarecrow at the end.
  4. I guess I should have waiting to post that questions considering the module for today (Thursday) said the movie studios would have actors who weren't really singers or dancers! Ha! I love Jimmy Stewart. Last Christmas they showed It's a Wonderful Life on the big screen on Christmas Eve. It was so fun to see it in a theatre instead of on my DVD at home. One 4 people showed up. My husband, daughter, me and one other person was there. Kind of sad. I thought it might sell out!
  5. I really like the way Powell dances. Her facial expressions really add emotion to her dancing. Keeler is good also, but different and I can't quite figure out why that it. I've not seen Keeler in a full movie yet, so maybe I'll figure it out eventually.
  6. Yesterday I watched Broadway Melody and Born to Dance. Today it's Top Hat and Wizard of Oz. I have a DVR so it's nice that I can record them.
  7. I really enjoy watching Powell dance. Her facial expressions really add to the fell of how she is dancing and she is so athletic and graceful at that same time! Keeler is a great dancer also, but just doesn't have that smooth flow to her dancing. Of course, I haven't seen a movie with her dancing (just the clip) so I'm interested to see if I change my mind.
  8. I'm watching "Born to Dance" and knew that Jimmy Stewart was one of the lead characters, but since starting the Mad About Musicals course, I guess Im a little surprised he is in this. Did he do other musicals? He certainly was talented! Also, love Buddy Epson in this movie.
  9. When Im watching these musicals it makes me wonder what the cost was. The sets, number of dancers, costumes, etc. Im watching The Great Ziegfeld right now and the cost to make this movie must have been quite a bit of money?
  10. I guess I really never thought about the different studios and what they wanted to represent tot their audiences before. Judy seemed to sing in a more contemporary style. Deanna was more of an opera sounding vocalist and Shirley Temple was a very cute little girl who was multi-talented (my grandpa always cried at her movies!). Arent we fortunate to have so many options depending on what you want to watch as far as musicals go?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm really excited for this course! I love movies (musical or not) on TCM and have always wondered what it is that draws me to them. My husband says it is because it was a simpler time and I think he is right. I think its also because I can sit down and watch something and I don't have to see a ton of violence or something inappropriate. Don't get me wrong, I love a good mordern movie, but TCM is just relaxing. I also love the history of Hollywood. I would love to know why others watch TCM.
  12. I'm very excited, too! Do you have Netflix or any other type of streaming app? I'm sure you could also rent these movies from a local library? Maybe a Google search could also help!
  13. Double Yay! Hi everybody!! I've been looking forward to this for a few weeks now!!
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