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  1. I think TCM is getting ridiculous. September's commercial with the nasty looking model and the telescope, and the rapid fire cutting is absurd. It totally misrepresents the channel's programming. And I am a young man, not some old fogey who doesn' t like new things. I am one of the few people logging here who can identify the music playing in this ridiculous commercial. It's the British band, Radiohead, whom I like. But to use this music to advertise William Holden films and "The Seventh Seal" is the height of ridiculousness. TCM, to quote another melancholy Radiohead song, "You're turning
  2. "The General" is wonderful as ever, but I was disappointed with the "Alloy Orchestra" soundtrack. It was too techno for such an all American period piece.
  3. Some of the people responding here are pretty naive. Ellen Burstyn does not look great for 73.She has undergone extensive and expensive plastic surgery. She has had her face painfully pulled and peeled. That is not her real hair you are admiring, that is a wig. Hollywood has always been obsessed with youth and beauty, but now it is enshring the exalting of the unnatural. What an odd feeling it must be to live in a 73 year old body surmounted by a face resembling one from a Greek statue. Rowlands and Fonda look as if they have had their faces ironed with heavy starch.
  4. Streep and Bette Davis bonded and you can see similarities in their acting styles. Strep and Hepburnhad little in common, and truth be told, the elderly Hepburn harbored a little bit of jealousy over Streep's accolades and her Oscar nominations.
  5. Check out Cavett's "Rock Legends" DVDs for several interesting interviews with classic actors and actresses.What is fascinating about these shows is that they are entire shows, not just the highlights featuring the rock star. For instance, one show from June 1970 features Janis Joplin, but you also get Gloria Swanson talking about Von Stroheim and "Queen Kelly", and Raquel Welch fresh from the premiere of "Myra Breckenridge". It is mind boggling to see Janis Joplin, Gloria Swanson, and Raquel Welch sitting in a circle discussing films, music, society, books (I kid you not), and the events of t
  6. Yes, that's Joan in "Our Dancing Daughters", and the guy smiling as raindrops pelt his face is yours truly, George O'Brien in "Noah's Ark" (1928).
  7. Rumor has it that a DVD is coming soon, with commentary tracks by Anthony Slide and Robert Burchard, two old windbags I will definitely not be listening to as I watch.
  8. Saw one I hadn't seen before - Carrie Fisher on her mom, Debbie Reynolds. Has there ever been one done for Judy Garland? Her two daughters are very much around. I seem to remember Liza Minnelli doing one, but it was for her father rather than her mother.
  9. TCM owns all of the Jolson films that were the rage in the late 20's and the early 30's. I can see why he has never been "Star of the Month", but couldn' they at least show a film of his once in awhile.? Apart from "The Jazz Singer"(1927) I have never seen him on the screen and I am interested in seeing what all the fuss was about. Why has there never been an Al Jolson day? i.e. - showing a block of his films in the morning or early afternoon? If it's due to political correctness, I think that's ridiculous.
  10. I was a litle disappointed with "Desert Nights". With a title like that I was expecting a romantic,Valentino-ish, romp. Even odder, with the camera always so close and the prepondernace of title cards, it looked exactly like one of those "silent version of a talkie" films that came out in '29 and '30 for theaters not yet wired for sound. I know it was filmed as a silent, but it looked as though the filmmakers were employing camera set ups, and the blocking of actors, as they were being done in the new talking films.
  11. What utter rubbish! When I was growing up, the Oscars were on the last Monday in March at 10:00PM EST. One felt so grown up watching it, and since it often went on till after 1:00 AM on a school night, it was even a little daring. I don't think anyone Sunday night watching that sorry, self indulgent celebration of the cheap and the vulgar could have felt "grown up".What used to be an industry event, and one with class, has turned into a stupid TV show geared toward maximum ratings in "Sweeps Month". This was the first Oscars I had watched since the year "Shindler's List" won, and
  12. Just saw one I had forgotten, and it's a beaut! Tony Curtis on Cary Grant. Reminds me, in its deep affection and sincerity, of George C. Scott's tribute to Jimmy Cagney.
  13. Did anyone notice Universal's reprising Alice Brady and Eugene Pallette as a screwball comedy married couple in what was, for all intents and purposes, their "My Man Godfrey" roles? That film had been a great hit the year before and perhaps the studio thought they might draw in more people to a film starring a girl whose box office appeal was as yet unknown.
  14. Thanks, You guys I have seen Paul's wonderful tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, and I was struck by the intense sincerity of his delivery. He really meant it. I have not seen Julianne Moore's tribute to Myrna Loy - I'll be on the look out.
  15. Does anyone recall any that have not been mentioned? For instance, was there one on John Garfield, one of my favorites?
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