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  1. 1.). In the first clip Jeannette MacDonald is distracted as Nelson Eddy tries to gain her attention with small talk, "Beautiful night, isn't it?" It's apparent he's interested in her. He tells her she has everything here in these beautiful surroundings, implying she's looking for romance in the wrong place. She let's him know, surroundings were not what she was looking for. She definitely has her mind made up on an Italian tenor, which she looks starry eyed about when she speaks of him. However, Nelson Eddy proceeds to try to convince her to take a look at him. She finally turns around; th
  2. 1.). Yes, I agree. Because it's truly unrealistic for the two men to behave so kind & gentlemanly to each other throughout all of their competiveness. The female singer is just too happy to receive flowers and bases her decision to meet the gentleman who sent them after she originally said she didn't want to meet him. 2.). I might anticipate the same light hearted gaiety even though in the real world, there was not a light hearted mood in the country. There were many hardships in the real world, and the escape into a world of love, comedy, song & dance to lighten the sp
  3. Main Entry: chimerical Parts of Speech: adj Definition: fabulous Synonyms: absurd, delusive, fanciful, fantastic, imaginary, mythical, unfounded, unreal, utopian, visionary, wild, fictional
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