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  1. 1. I think men grew feelings in the later movies. There was no need for the swashbuckling savior, the men were, well, "new men". Who cared and felt. 2. I have always thought Robert Preston was the last of the song and dance men to star in musicals. It seems after this, it was "stars" who could sing, but Robert Preston was a showman!
  2. 1. Love that Frank Sinatra is the fresh faced, boy next door in both this movie and On the Town and being pursued by the more strong willed woman and he is clueless what to do! All he knows to do is RUN 2. The music so wonderfully matches the scene. The strong straight forward beat matches the delivery of the woman and Frank is speechless for the most part, echoing his character’s complete loss of what to do with this woman’s pursuit. It is great.
  3. 1. Of course it was Wizard of Oz. But my view of her changed throughout the decades I’ve been watching it. She’s gone from that lost little girl, trying to find her way home, to a smart, clever young woman, FINDING her way home. And I’ve come to realize that Over the Rainbow is quite probably the greatest song in any musical ever 2 Again, just like she grew in Wizard, she grew in her movie roles. From the silly girl in Andy Hardy films to the kind, loving woman who melted me with “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”. 3. I must confess that if she’s in it, I’ll watch it. She i
  4. 1. Ginger Rogers character is a strong woman. It felt to me like a dancing version of "Anything you can do I can do better"... 2. This one differs in that again, these two really are equals. To me, depending on the scene, they role of antagonist went back and forth. Each one had the upper hand on the other. The energy between the two is terrific. 3. Again, women are starting to take an equal role in these films. Not just the object of affection or conquest.
  5. 1. so this was really "big" and had almost a silent movie feel to it for me. Lots of big movements and almost melodramatic. 2. To me the gunshot. I was not expecting that at all. And then the subsequent shots that showed it was all nothing, including bullets, which I found funny since if there are not bullets there would be no gunshots! 3. I think we certainly see these bigger than life sets show up later, especially in the Rogers/Astaire movies. Really over the top wealthy folks living in a world that's bigger than life!
  6. As far as the interaction between them it is very subtle. He is definitely trying to woo her over in the first scene and yet, almost feels sorry for her in the second scene. While she is quite funny trying to mimic the saloon singer, she is clearly out of place and you are waiting for him to "come to her rescue". I have scene them both in other films, mostly together and I did see them recently in Maytime and really enjoyed it. As far as the relationships, they are far more innocent than pre film code. Everything is presumed, and a kiss is considered almost daring. Thes
  7. Certainly it was a more cheerful look. The bright lights, the fancy upscale theater dress. Certainly a nice distraction from the times. The "battle" for our heroine is also romantic. I'm guessing that the real battle was a little more cut throat! As far as themes, certainly for me, the idea of theater, and escape. After all, there wasn't much access to theater unless you were in New York, so seeing these wonderful costumes and songs, allowed those who were lucky enough to see the picture, to be transported away! As far as code, like many of the others posting, this is my first in
  8. At first I thought this was an impossible one to answer. As someone who grew up in the midwest and went to school in Iowa, there is only one answer. The Music Man. The music and the story are a blast and the fact that Beatles covered 'Til There Was You... well, enough said, for me anyway.
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