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  1. 1)One of the things that I noticed in the interactions between the two characters (especially in the first clip) is that Nelson Eddy's character is very upfront in his attraction towards Jeanette MacDonald's, whereas she acts pretty independent and pretends to be uninterested in him. 2) I don't recall having seen any other movies with Jeanette MacDonald or Nelson Eddy 3)One of the things that I noticed in both clips is that Nelson Eddy's character is very open about flirting with several women at once. I can't really think of any films from the same period where the female character
  2. 1)I wouldn't say that the clip is unrealistic as much as it presents a lifestyle that few people had access to during the Depression. The real Ziegfeld did put up lavish theatre productions on Broadway, so he must have had enough money to finance those productions and there must have been enough people willing to buy tickets. So I'd say that movie musicals offered a glimpse into the carefree life of the urbane '1%' 2)I guess the film is an example of 'backstage' musical, which were pretty common in the 1930's because the story line of Broadway musicals didn't become fully integrated until
  3. Hi! My name is Julie and I've loved musicals as long for as long as I can remember (in fact, the first gift I received when I was a baby was a little snowglobe that plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow), even before I knew that they is a specific name for musicals and showtunes, and a community of people who love them. I grew up watching all the Disney animated musicals from the 90's as well as the 1982 and 1999 version of Annie, and I remember feeling so amazed by how larger than life everything was and how everything on screen was just so perfect and beautiful and sophisticated. Coincidenta
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