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  1. As I was watching Cabaret this week, I began to notice how the numbers in the Kit Kat Klub went along with what happening with the story. I remembered the movie version of Chicago and many people praised the way Rob Marshall had the musical numbers as stage performances in Roxie's head. I began thinking he must have been influenced by Bob Fosse's direction in Cabaret since most of the musical numbers are done as Kit Kat Klub performances.
  2. I really like the original songs, but I could understand why some of them were cut. I don't think it was "sophistication" or highbrow. They were about sex or had sexual innuendos. The song that is sung in the museum was originally called "Carried Away" and one that Hildy sings, called "I Can Cook Too" that is full of sexual innuendos. I have a feeling some songs that Gabey sings like "Lonely Town" and "Lucky to Be Me" were too difficult for Gene Kelly's voice and maybe that's why they were cut, which is a shame because they are beautiful songs. The original song, "Some Other Time" that is oft
  3. I agree with you that West Side Story is better as a movie. I never saw the stage production, but have read it and it seems the scenes where songs are placed are better in the movie. For example, the female vs. male during "America" is much more fun than just the women singing it. I also think The Sound of Music movie is better than the stage version. The added songs are equivalent or works better than some of the originals that were replaced. I think Grease! is a better movie than the stage version as well, but I wish "It's Raining On Prom Night" and "Those Magic Changes"were more prominent i
  4. 1. My first Judy Garland movie was the Wizard of Oz and I loved her, I was only 3 or 4 years old. I remember becoming obsessed with the movie because of her. I thought every singer or brunette actress on tv was her and my dad had to tell it's not Judy Garland. Since I was very young when I watched this movie, my first impression of her back then was that she was a very good singer and she was pretty. 2. In the Easter Parade number, I only thought she was cute, but after viewing this again, I noticed that she has much more of a swagger in her dancing than Fred Astaire does. Her facial exp
  5. I also noticed that for the recommended films, they don't discuss some of them in the lecture video. I DVR many of the movies on the recommended list because I don't have time to watch everything, but then I noticed they discuss different movies in lecture videos. I think if I had more notice of the discussion I could plan to record it when it's on. What's the point of watching a discussion of the film if you can't watch it?
  6. 1. You could tell that Alfred has had several of these incidents. The close up of the guns in the drawer shows that this isn't the first time it has happened as he adds the current gun to his collection. 2. The only sound that I noticed was the gun shot. The first gun shot to look like the woman shot herself and died. The second to make us think Alfred will die from the gun shot. 3. The Depression era themes in this are wealthy people involved in craziness. The comedy of the scene that most Depression era movies exhibit.
  7. 1. I noticed the two liked each other but were kind of being coy about it. It's like they don't want to come right out and say it. You can see it in the way Sgt. Bruce ends up singing the song with other women's names in it so it's like it's not just for Marie. You know he really does like her because in the saloon scene, he watches her with admiration. 2. I have scene these two actors in Naughty Marietta. I think their dynamics are basically the same as this movie. They don't like each other at first and when they do, they don't admit it. The outpouring and admittance of their love for
  8. 1. Yes, I think it does exhibit brighter aspect of life. Everyone is rich and well dressed. The woman, Anna, is naive and is like a little girl in this scene. She is thrilled by the flowers, there is no negative thought in her mind about the motives of Ziegfeld sending the flowers. She doesn't even know who Ziegfeld is and I would guess he must've been very famous at the time. Ziegfeld also gives the doorman 5 pounds just to be generous. He didn't pay for the info, the doorman answered him and he just gave him money which implies money is no object for him. 2. I would think the approaches
  9. There are so many I watch repeatedly! My top ones are Singin' In the Rain, Meet Me In St. Louis, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I enjoy the dancing in the barn number in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and the songs as well. It doesn't hurt that the brothers are handsome and tall! I really like Singin' in the Rain because it's funny because of Jean Hagen and Donald O'Connor. Of course, I love the title number and Gene Kelly's dancing and I enjoy the "Good Morning" number. I'm also a Judy Garland fan, so I really like the Trolley number in Meet Me in St. Louis. I also enjoy the family dynamics in tha
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