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  1. They didn't explain it within the movie but it pretty much shouts "this one is the pal, not the love interest"
  2. Anyone else think Eddie was a louse? Poor Hank: adding insult to injury when they suggested she move in with them at the end. Problematic things from a contemporary point of view: a character stuttering for laughs, the sissy costumer played for laughs, and the guy stripping Queenie against her will. I'm assuming "Stu" and "Bay" were supposed to be Laurel and Hardy? I wrote down "Duncans My Patio" to google but haven't found the reference yet. Two moments I liked: Hank putting on a posh voice to the maid when she was checking whether there were enough towels and in the middle
  3. https://learn.canvas.net/courses/2206/pages/week-1-monday-historical-overview-of-the-first-decade?module_item_id=218029
  4. Yes! Rich Man's Frug! As charming as Shirley MacLaine is in that movie, I wouldn't want to watch the whole movie start to finish too many times but I could definitely watch that dance number over and over again.
  5. The first that came to mind was Mame, which I love for the humor, the catchy songs, and how it tugs at my heartstrings. The second also hits me emotionally but is very different: Hair, which I don't think I've seen anyone else mention yet (although I haven't made it all the way through the posts). The music is epically epic and the choreography by Twyla Tharp is magical.
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