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  1. 1. As, I'm sure, many others have pointed out before me, this clip definitely exhibits a brighter perspective on the reality of that time. Few were able to attend such lavish performances, wear such expensive outfits, and carelessly tip people large amounts of money (for the time). This clip represents a time away from the worries of food and making enough to sustain a family. Instead, it worries about the sender of ornate orchids and fixates on the affections of two wealthy gentlemen - thoughts most Great Depression era people did not have time to worry about. 2. If this film is any indication, I'd assume plots of love are popular during this time (as they are during most times). I would also assume that many of the main characters involved in the movie musicals are of higher class or tend to not fixate as much on wealth - which would make sense if the filmmakers are choosing to alleviate film-goers of their daily worries.
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