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  1. Other aspects I see of the battle of the sexes in Top Hat are the strong women making her own way, he is wooing but she takes up his offer and makes it a sort-of challenge match him step for step and finally the dress of each character being similar suggests and equally you haven’t seen in other films. Top Hat distinguishes itself from other movies from the depression era we have watched or discussed earlier this week by changing the male/female characters roles. Previously the men and women have had more traditional roles (boy helps girl) this scenario has the boy and girl on a more even
  2. What I noticed about the “Lubitsch touch” or his show-and-tell storytelling was how he used the props such as the garter, gun, door handles and the Ladies zipper to tell the story even though we are on the outside looking in (with the use of French dialogue). His speaking directly to the audience was as if to keep us up on what’s going on. Understanding of Alfred’s character was portrayed through the props, i.e. the garter that clearly didn’t belong to the lady & drawer full of guns clearly telling us he’s been in this situation before as well as easily zipping the dress her husband c
  3. 1. What I noticed about the characters in these two scenes... clip #1: The two characters are affected by each other but prefer to hide it from the other. In this clip she is faced away from him so you can see her face but her words don’t reflect her feelings. She is obviously trying to keep him at a distance while finding him appealing. He is pursuing but holding back as reflected in being caught using his song as some sort of “form letter” he puts different women’s name into like a pick up line. They are interested but holding back for their own reasons/agenda. Clip #
  4. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. You can tell those who have seen the movie and those who haven’t. For those who haven’t don’t judge the 3 hr movie by this one clip, it’s pretty good. Also the movie was made just 4 yrs after Ziegfeld’s death, that’s pretty quick. His wife Billie Burke was the main powerhouse behind the film being made. So I wondered how much of the story sanitizing was her doing besides the Movie Codes in place. 1. I agree the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic. Why? The tone is light hearted and happy. The people are g
  5. Like many of you, I grew up watching old movies, especially musicals. So many favorites from Holiday Inn to Grease it’s hard to choose, however, Guys and Dolls stands out as a favorite I go back to over and over. First saw the stage show (my sister was in it) when I was about 10. The following weekend the movie was on TV. I was mesmerized. I like the people or characters, the best can fail and those we expect to be bad can surprise us. It moved me then and still resonates. I also like the club numbers (so fun) and the costumes. So excited for this class!
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