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  1. 1. The Lubitsch Touch- I noticed that there was a close-up of the garter, and then the woman lifts her dress to prove that it's not HER garter. (At first I thought that the woman was Chevalier's wife/girlfriend) 2. Specific sound? Well, the gun going off. As for dialogue, it was mostly in French, and my French is very limited. But when the woman got frustrated with her husband's ineptness with her dress, she just turns to Chevalier and says "please", as in he's obviously done this before. I was surprised her husband wasn't more mad at Chevalier's expertise with her dress! The ease of the
  2. 1. I noticed in the interaction it's all very proper; even though the characters are attracted to each other, Jeanette MacDonald is trying not to be. Nelson Eddy doesn't mind flirting, as seen when rowing, but MacDonald seems unwilling to admit to herself that she might like this working class guy. When she tries to sing in the saloon, it's clear she's really uncomfortable; this is not the environment she is used to. Nelson Eddy just strolls into the saloon, it's obvious when he walks in with a girl on each arm that he has been in a saloon before. 3. The male/female relationship seems to
  3. The musical I find myself watching over and over again: Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love the community of musicals. I love how no one thinks it's odd to suddenly burst into song and dance. I love how FUN musicals are!
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