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  1. Yes, this is from the set of An American in Paris. I think it was just a candid shot of her rehearsing before shooting... Or someone just asked her to pose in the dress for archive purposes.
  2. Ginger certainly had a great catalogue of films sans Fred. Love all the films mentioned! Anyone a fan of IT HAD TO BE YOU ? I've always liked it as a comedic pick-me-up.
  3. 1. This clip certainly shows the brighter perspective of life than eat was realistic in this depression Era. Just listen to the song she sings; it's ridiculously upbeat and carefree. She pranced around the stage with a mirror to play with her audience, making them laugh and smile. And then when she's in her dressing room, we realize that the negotiations between the two men to hire her are going to have nothing to do with a legitimate business conversation. There's no talk of salary or benefits, which realistically a performer would want ro know during the depression era. Anna is given flowers
  4. Anyone else love Fred and Ginger as much as I do? If so, I suggest you read their autobiographies in your free time. Steps in Time - Fred Astaire Ginger: My Story - Ginger Rogers Both dancing icons talk about their respective careers, including the ten movies they did together! I would also recommend watching their other nine movies once you've seen Top Hat. They're just SO GOOD together! Fred and Ginger are the reason why I fell in love with classic movies in the first place. I mean sure, I'd seen all the classics you're supposed to watch as a kid (Sound of Music, The Wi
  5. There are some pretty iconic ladies that deserve recognition too... Cyd Charisse Ginger Rogers Leslie Caron Eleanor Powell Ann Miller Etc.... ☺
  6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers AND Calamity Jane. These two musicals make me laugh EVERY time I watch them. I really enjoy the barn raising dance number in Seven Brides, and I can't get enough of Doris Day as Jane! I can't decide which I enjoy more!!! I also work in the entertainment industry in wardrobe, so I really appreciate what they did with the costumes in these two movies. What other comical musicals do you all love? ☺
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