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  1. I haven't seen this movie yet, but am rather curious...he is taking her to the pub to see friends, in a canoe...at night? Who wrote this? OK, beautiful background. Just for the journals, there is never such a thing as pre-code/ post code sex in a 1920's era canoe. Jus' Sayin In the second scene, He left to console her. That would be an interesting paddle back home.
  2. I loved the use of the mirror in the theater, lighting faces for all to see. I found the lighting of the 2 gentlemen vying for her attention interesting...followed by the flashing of the main audience as she sings....'come play with me'...then in the dressing room removing only the hat...awaiting her suitors....almost like a really, really slow strip. I loved it, can't wait to see the movie... Yes, the 5 pound tip was a great joke, most americans didn't know how much 5 pounds was worth during the depression....so the 'weight' joke went over well. Who couldn't loose 5 pounds....eve
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