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  1. Every musical has, what I like to call, a fast forward song. In West Side Story it is the song "Maria" and in The Wizard of Oz it is the Lion's song, "Courage" (which is my least favorite). The musical I dislike the most is Godspell. I could only get through the first 5 minutes.
  2. Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? Absolutely! During the Depression, people had real issues and fears weighing on their minds. The characters in the movie make light of the situations they find themselves in. Money is being thrown around nonchalantly, in every scene, from the doorman's tip to the costumes, and the flowers. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression era musicals? During this era, movies were a way to escape everyday struggles. I believe we will continue to see these lighthearted, backstage themed movies even beyond the Great Depression. Since this is a musical that was made after the motion picture code was enforced, how might you imagine it might have been filmed or scripted differently if it had been pre-code? Give specific examples. There would have definitely been some face to face flirting in the dressing room as she changed. I picture it being like a Mae West movie filled with innuendo. I believe the feuding between the two rivals would be more intense and they would have included more of the less favorable stories from Ziedfeld's life, like his common law marriage.
  3. I love so many musicals but some of my favorites are The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Singin in the Rain, and The Wizard of Oz. I love White Christmas especially during the holidays. However, West Side Story would probably be top of my list. It has everything; romance, suspense, comedy, drama; plus the songs and dancing are amazing!
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